What they don’t tell you about your IVF

What they don’t tell you about your IVF

What they don’t tell you about your IVF

No one should go through IVF without knowing everything about the process – including the difficult and negative stuff that often isn’t communicated before treatment starts. Here are the things people DON’T talk about when they go through IVF…

Since its introduction to fertility medicine, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has made an astounding difference to the lives of many couples struggling with infertility.

IVF has meant that many women have been able to become mothers they always dreamed of becoming. 

While it’s an incredible treatment (and the only option for some couples trying to get pregnant) there are still things that nobody tells you about when you decide to go through IVF. Things that I believe are important to know if you want to enter this stage of your fertility journey prepared for it and accepting of what’s to come.

Do you know what to expect of your IVF journey? Even the difficult and scary things that no one wants to talk about?

Like all things in life, not everything about IVF is going to be easy, perfect or simple. 

There are common issues that will come up that are both uncomfortable and stressful. However, going into these struggles with a knowledge of them can help to relieve some of the stress and help you to accept them once and if they arrive. 

I wanted to share with you the things that many fertility doctors don’t like to talk about when patients go down the route of IVF for pregnancy – because I think it’s important to have full transparency if you want the treatment to be successful.

Here are the 4 things they don’t tell you about IVF…

#1 IVF can lead to problematic weight gain

Have you heard rumours in the IVF community about IVF treatment causing weight gain?

Unfortunately, these rumours can be true for many women. The medication and hormones that are pumped into your body as part of the treatment often lead to water retention that causes you to gain weight. Is this ideal? No. But does it happen? Yes.

Along with all of the other struggles of IVF, the weight gain is not an easy issue to face – especially when you consider that IVF doesn’t always work the first time. You could be taking these medicines and feeling the side effects for at least 3 to 4 cycles.

It seems like a cruel side effect to accept in order to get pregnant. However, now that you know you have awareness of it. Knowing is awareness. Awareness is empowerment to accept and deal with the issue. 

If you gain weight during IVF, remember that this is a normal side effect and don’t punish yourself for it. It will be difficult to watch your body to go through these changes but, when you’re feeling down about yourself, remember what it’s for. 

IVF treatment is not the time to go into drastic, fad dieting. This could impact your hormones and decrease your chances for success. If hormone treatment has led to weight gain, you can expect to lose the weight again once treatment stops. 

Nurture your body through this experience. Feed it fertile foods that will empower your body for pregnancy, and, during the stressful times, make sure you don’t look to food as an unhealthy clutch. 

#2 No IVF clinic is perfect

I would love for all IVF clinics to be perfect – but nobody and nothing in life is ever perfect.

Finding a reputable centre takes a lot of homework. And even then, there are issues that can come up.

You may experience issues with the administration. You might have to deal with rude front desk staff – a seemingly small issue that will feel big during such a sensitive time in your life.

Your nurse might not call you back to answer your questions. Questions that will fill your mind and time until they’re answered.

There are always going to be hiccups that come. Knowing this and accepting that there’s going to be some problems will only make it easier for you to manage once they arrive. 

Stress management is super important to your IVF rates. Make sure you go into it with a mindset that not everything will be perfect, but you will respond to these hiccups in the best way possible.

#3 You might not see your IVF doctor every visit

A lot of patients are really surprised when they realise that, for a lot of their appointments, they won’t actually get to see their IVF doctor. 

This reality is something that is not usually communicated unless you ask the clinic about it: but there will be some visits where you will only see your nurse practitioner. 

While you might not like hearing this – as you choose to put your faith in a specific doctor and in an ideal world they will be where at every step – it’s best for this not to come as a surprise.

An absence of the person you have trusted to help you bring your baby into the world can be felt negatively. It might lead to you feeling less supported and unsure of your care.  

This is not the case at all, and quite common. 

Don’t be worried if your doctor is not around at every visit. This only will cause you further stress in an already difficult time. When you are in need of more guidance, look to your other avenues of support to help you.

Having a good support system throughout IVF is CRUCIAL to getting through it. Make sure your man knows how to be there for you during this inevitably confusing and painful time.

#4 IVF is not a guaranteed success

Despite all of the money, all of the science, all of the medicine, all of the expertly trained doctors, all of the investment that is put into each and every one of your IVF cycles – they won’t all will be successful. And it’s very unlikely to be successful on your first try.

Most women will need at least 3 cycles before their IVF actually works. It’s really important that you understand this before you commit to it and are prepared for the long road ahead. 

The key to making your IVF successful is to make sure you’re going into it feeling fully prepared, fully informed, with the right IVF clinic that’s appropriate for your specific needs and with a good support system around you. You can read more about how to increase your success rates for IVF here.

IVF does not always guarantee pregnancy. You should make sure you’re working with the treatment to ensure the best possible results.

Research has shown that prepping your body and mind for IVF treatment can increase your success rates over the 40% mark.

It’s time to Conquer your IVF

Now that you know of the struggles that come with this journey, you can start to take action to being prepared for what’s ahead of you. 

You can do this.

You’ve felt heartbreak, disappointment, shame, hopelessness with every negative pregnancy test… but you’re still not ready to give up. If it’s time to try IVF, then make sure you’re going into it in the best possible shape – mentally and physically.

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Going through IVF? What are some things that you’ve experienced as part of your IVF treatment that you didn’t expect?

Have you already had IVF treatment? First of all, we hope for you that it was successful!!! But, what we want to know is: how long did it take for you to get pregnant with IVF? Or how long have you been having IVF treatment?

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