How to Prime Your Body and Mind for Fertility – Guest post

How to Prime Your Body and Mind for Fertility – Guest post

How to Prime Your Body and Mind for Fertility – Guest post

Hey everyone! This week’s blog post is written by a friend of mine women’s exercise specialist, Brianne Grogan. I figured it’s best to leave this topic to her since she’s an expert – Let me know your thought in the comment area!  – Marc 

Trish and her husband are trying…

They’ve been trying for almost a year and she’s starting to feel a bit frantic. Trish works full-time and feels consumed by the pressures of work and home life. Balance? There’s no such thing! With their new puppy, the household renovations, and helping with her sister’s kids, Trish is run ragged.

On top of all that, Trish and her husband are in the midst of trying everything under the sun to boost fertility: Herbs and other natural remedies, medical treatments, dietary changes, and more. Trish has read every book, watched every video, and listened to every podcast, but still… Nothing.

Trish feels low energy and lethargic much of the time, and… Honestly? She doesn’t really want to have sex anymore.

She WANTS to want sex, but most of the time she’s just too darn tired.

I feel for Trish. Although Trish isn’t a real person, she’s a composite of several clients I’ve worked with who have similar stories. Whether you’re struggling with fertility or simply want to improve your sex life, there’s a simple key that you might have missed… It’s to SLOW DOWN, calm down, and get into your body.

One of the best ways to do this is through gentle movement of the deep, inner core muscles.

Before you can feel strong desire and sensations that make you want to initiate (and proceed with) sex, you need to prime your mind and body by relaxing so that you can focus your attention on two things: Pleasure, and being in the moment.

These feelings can actually improve fertility by calming the stress response and making orgasm more likely. Furthermore, gently stretching, moving, and focusing your attention on the deep, inner core muscles will increase blood flow to the pelvic region. This is an essential component of sexual responsiveness and vitality. Take the time to focus on your inner core muscles during the day so that you can more readily access them during sex. Strengthening, moving, and appropriately using your deep inner core muscles will help you awaken your (sometimes dormant) desire, and to experience the pleasure of movement… The pleasure of being in your own body.

1. First Tip :

Tap into your feminine energy and activate your deep inner core muscles by DANCING! Start with hip circles. Put on some great music (maybe drumming) and circle and swirl your hips around. See what comes next. This doesn’t have to take long… Maybe just a single song in the morning while you’re brushing your teeth. Maybe a few hip circles in the middle of your kitchen while you’re making dinner. Do this AWAY from the bedroom in order to make it a part of YOU, and not something that’s just associated with sex or an end goal (i.e. baby-making). Do this for you… For the sexy, sensual, feminine, wild woman you truly are.

2. Second Tip :

Integrate core fitness into your workout schedule. Try my “Core Fitness for Better Sex” video. It’s not long, and is an easy way to gently work those deep core muscles so that you can more easily access them later.

3. Third Tip :

Clear your mind and be in the moment during sex. Spend a few minutes breathing deeply to clear your mind before intimacy. During sex, if you feel your mind wandering to the stack of dishes or your to-do list, repeat the mantra “I’m here now.” Then use those deep core muscles that you’ve spent the day “waking up.” Move your body in a way that feels pleasurable. Rock your hips. Breathe deeply. Maybe do a kegel or two (if that feels good to you). Get into your body and bring yourself back to the present moment, and see what happens. It could be the missing link.

My favorite thing to remind women is: “You’re not weird, you’re normal!”

I dream of a world where women aren’t afraid of, confused by, or ashamed of their own bodies. For women to understand that no matter what they’re experiencing, they’re not weird or abnormal. To LOVE THEMSELVES… And then to pass this message along to their mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, family friends, and so on.

This is one of the primary messages in my upcoming book, “Lady Bits.”

briannegroganBrianne Grogan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, a current student at the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute, and the founder of FemFusion® Fitness. An Oregon native, Brianne lives a gypsy lifestyle with her husband and son. They are currently located in beautiful southwestern Germany. Brianne enjoys world travel, all things related to the great outdoors, and – of course – clean eating and moving every day. 

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