What are Different Types of IVF Help

What are Different Types of IVF Help?

free fertiliy-meal-planMany couples who choose to go the IVF route after failing to conceive do not realize that their issues could be related to other things that impact fertility such as overall health, fitness, hormone imbalances, diet, age, even stress or not-so-healthy habits such as smoking or consuming excess alcohol or caffeine.  If you find yourself in this situation, there are different types of IVF help that may contribute to success with this treatment, which can be very expensive depending on the number of treatments and ultimate success.

From acupuncture to the proper nutrition, stress reduction, emotional well-being and eliminating bad habits, there are many steps you can take to address your infertility issues.  Along with traditional Western medicine, there are botanical or herbal supplements, massage therapies, wellness coaching, and other therapies or treatment that can greatly improve your chances of success with IVF, or in vitro fertilization.

Couples often fail to realize there are various approaches to improving the chances of success with IVF.  Depending on whether the problem is hormone imbalance, advanced maternal age, low sperm count, endometriosis, or any of a wide array of other issues, there is help available.  In many situations it may be possible to finally conceive the baby you have longed for without going through IVF treatments!

Holistic Techniques Could be the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Dr. Marc Sklar has achieved tremendous success in his holistic practice using a natural approach and various therapies that address infertility issues.  Ultimately, your overall health and emotional well-being play a big role in the likelihood you will conceive with or without IVF.  Dr. Sklar believes in a holistic approach, and has developed several products, therapies, and an online program to assist clients in finally reaching their dreams of beginning a family.  Schedule an online consultation now to learn more about the different types of IVF help available today.

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If you would like a little bit more support on your IVF journey; if you’re thinking about IVF or you’re already doing it and you want to improve your success rates, then I’ve created an IVF support group that can guide you and hopefully increase your success rates.Sign up to the waiting list for Conquering IVF, where we break down the IVF journey into the before, during and after: Believe, Empower, Create.  With our monthly subscription, you will have access to an online e-course and 2x group coaching sessions a month where you can connect with other like-minded couples while receiving the guidance and support you need to take you through your whole IVF journey.