From 6 years of infertility to trying for her second baby

Have you been trying for a baby for a long time? Are you struggling to stay hopeful and believe in your future pregnancy?

I’d like to share a story of hope with you…


Karla was trying for a baby for six years before she happened across Fertility TV. That was six years of disappointment, heartbreak, isolation, shame and endless negative pregnancy tests and trips to fertility doctors.

Still, she didn’t lose hope.

She started to watch some of the videos, and applying some the guidance and information that she felt applied to her individual needs to her life. She said to herself: “Okay, I have one more chance to make my last IVF cycle work. I need to make this one, the ONE.”

She wanted to make her IVF successful (this would be her 3rd round). That’s when she contacted me to ask for my help.

The fact that her first language was Spanish (and that she was located in a different country) was no problem at all and had no affect on her treatment – that is to say: the distance didn’t make a difference!

We researched into her complete fertility history and discovered something her gynecologists and IVF doctors hadn’t yet found: Karla had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

We’ve helped many women with PCOS to get pregnant over the years. With a proper diet, healthy lifestyle and appropriate supplementation, the effects of PCOS on your fertility can be significantly relieved. Just like they were for Michelle, another one of our beautiful patients who got pregnant with PCOS.

I treated Karla for about 8 months, giving her the IVF support that she needed and prepared her for her next cycle while making sure her PCOS was addressed. She described this time with me as a ‘new era’ for her and her husband. But really it was just that they needed to be seen as a individual case by someone who was dedicated to their success… they’d never been told about PCOS before or had any of her doctors research into it.

The next round of IVF did turn out to be the one. She fell pregnant with a beautiful baby girl who will soon turn 1 years old (happy birthday!)

All of the time they’d spent struggling was forgotten and replaced by an overwhelming joy for the baby girl that had entered into their lives. If Karla could tell you one thing, she would say to you: “NEVER GIVE UP! Never, never give up. It’s all worth it in the end.”

Despite all they’ve been through, they’ve never lost hope. And I can’t wait to help Karla and her husband on their journey towards a second baby.

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