What You Need to Eat to Help You Get Pregnant

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Here are the basics:

1.The first step is often the hardest: throw away all the junk food!  


If it isn’t in the house, then the likelihood of eating it is much lower. Clean house, get rid of the bad stuff.  All the processed food, all the sugary foods, candy, right into the garbage.  Throw out anything white: white flour, white sugar, and white rice. It would be best to get rid of all flour and all sugar.

We want to clean house with our supplements too.  We need good quality supplements.  The Target or Costco pack of supplements isn’t always going to be the best choice for you.

Take a step back and evaluate: are these things that i really should be eating and putting into my body?  Are they going to serve my body well and build my health instead of depleting my health?  If the answer is no, then it should go.

2. Eat nutrient dense foods, especially fats and veggies.  

Typically when we are eating fat we are eating bad fat and not healthy fat.  Focus on grass fed butter, ghee, olive oil – foods that will replenish the body and that give you the nutrients you need.  Increase your vegetable intake. Locally-sourced organic vegetables will make a big impact in your diet and in how you feel overall.

3. Stick to organic protein to avoid antibiotics, toxins, hormones and chemicals.  


Organic and wild are best.  It is preferable to find them locally, and if you are lucky, go visit the farm to see how the animals are kept and raised.  It is better for your body and better for the local economy.  Try to make all your eggs, poultry, seafood and meats organic or wild.  

Budget can be a consideration.  All the things i have mentioned come at a cost.  In our household, what we put in our bodies supercedes pretty much everything else in our budget.  I feel it is most cost effective to keep us healthy with healthier foods than to pay for healthcare because we are sick.  If you aren’t able to make all the changes due to budget concerns, then the items to prioritize should be proteins.



4. Whole grains.  

I get this question all the time: Can I eat whole grains?  We should avoid wheat and gluten as much as possible.  But I am not opposed to grains unless there is a reason to avoid them such as food sensitivities or autoimmune conditions.  In moderation and not as a main part of your meals, whole grains are ok.

5.Invest in Supplements

pexels-photo-349600I see supplements as being on a spectrum just like cars.  Do you need the Ferrari of supplements all the time?  Not usually.  But you probably won’t fare well with the super low end either.  It is probably best to stick with the Honda or Toyota area of the spectrum – Trusted, quality, dependable.  Certain products you do want to be on the Ferrari side of things.

When I create a plan for patients I try to walk them through where they can get certain products in certain areas instead of all Ferraris all the time.  Cheaper supplements, like store brands, don’t have the quality you need and may contain fillers and binders that your body doesn’t need.

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