Holistic Alternatives Before IVF


Holistic Alternatives Before IVF: Our Natural Approach

holistic-pregnancyHolistic alternatives before IVF or in vitro fertilization are becoming more and more popular as many couples prefer a more natural approach to conceiving.  Why a natural IVF approach?  It’s quite simple, really.  These treatments are very expensive, and considering it may take countless tries without guaranteed results, it can be very frustrating and stressful.  Whether you are looking for holistic alternatives that will enhance your IVF efforts or prefer to try natural methods to improve fertility on your own, Marc Sklar has been successful in treating infertility issues holistically for 15 years.

Today there are countless clinics, products, and therapies providing holistic or ‘natural’ treatment of infertility in both women and men.  The fact is, becoming pregnant for those who have problems involves a number of things, from improving your overall health and banishing unhealthy habits to reducing stress, focusing on nutrition and fitness, emotional health, and herbal supplements/medications proven to enhance fertility.  Acupuncture sessions are another way to improve IVF success rates.

There is a Natural Solution

Improving fertility can be accomplished in nearly all cases, and often involves nutritional counseling combined with acupuncture, integrative medicine, and total body wellness.  Functional medicine is also effective in many patients to address any underlying health issues, and may involve the use of Western medical practices combined with botanical medicines, supplements, management of stress, detoxification programs, and other techniques.

A natural IVF approach is the desire of many couples who want to have a baby but face fertility issues.  Dr. Marc Sklar has developed a line of products in conjunction with an online program to help those who desire holistic alternatives before IVF finally realize their dreams.  Schedule your online consultation with Dr. Sklar today, and begin the path toward expanding your family.

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