LGBTQ Fertility

LGBTQ Fertility

Many lesbian couples have a hard time conceiving. Same-sex couples face infertility challenges and need support in a caring environment. LGBTQ family building begins with fertility experts who can offer lesbian pregnancy options that work. Our family of caring staff and technicians understand the obstacles you face, helping you and your partner on a unique journey to parenthood.

Reproductive Wellness provides a supportive environment dedicated to helping everyone conceive naturally. Since 2003, our wellness center has helped same-sex couples increase fertility through holistic medicine that encompasses the whole-body approach to healing. The family unit of today is transitioning; we provide the same exceptional fertility support to female partners who want nothing more than to expand their own families.

Not only do we provide integrative medicine and holistic treatment to support LGBTQ fertility, we also help you continue along your journey by explaining the process, supplying you with information about fertility clinics and sperm donor clinics you may want to consider, answering your questions and more. We understand this is an exciting but also anxious point in your life, and work to ensure you and your partner are well-informed at every point along the path.

At Reproductive Wellness, we understand that infertility issues range from unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis to AMA (advanced maternal age). Each person is unique and needs a customized treatment plan to boost conception.

Lesbian Fertility Options

Same-sex female partners have many different lesbian fertility options to help them conceive. Most lesbian fertility clinics offer IVF for lesbians and IVF for gay couples, but may not provide a holistic approach to support in vitro fertilization.

Holistic fertility is our proven method to support IVF for same-sex couples. We believe that alternative medicine will enhance pregnancy success.

Each person is different, but usually, the fertility treatment plan includes one or more of the following:

● Customized nutrition plan (optimized for egg implantation and support)

● Acupuncture for increased fertility and stress relief

● Herbal and traditional therapies to support same-sex IVF

● Fertility massage to boost conception

● Focus on emotional and health well-being

● Personalized women wellness coaching to improve conception

Integrated Functional Medicine

We practice functional medicine. Functional medicine integrates western medical practices and theories with alternative holistic therapies. When you combine modalities, you take advantage of both health systems. The result is a focus on finding the genesis of the fertility concern, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Personalized Women Wellness Coaching

Our goal is for patients to take control and move beyond fossilized beliefs that becoming pregnant is impossible. Emotional blockages can be overcome with a structured, holistic plan, customized for your fertility needs.

We provide Women Wellness Coaching from a certified wellness coach who offers a supportive ear outside of your family and circle of friends. Coaching encourages growth and support not only for fertility needs but also for reaching long term professional goals.

Nutritional Counseling to Boost Fertility

There’s no one-size fits all approach to health and fitness, but western and alternative medicine show that a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats optimizes fertility. When experiencing stress or struggling with infertility, turning to an unhealthy diet is prevalent. Reproductive Wellness will help you find easy dietary solutions that create life-long healthy food habits.

Begin Your Fertility Journey Today

The process begins with a free consultation with a fertility expert. Reproductive Wellness offers a 100% holistic approach to help patients conceive naturally and support the IVF process.

Whether you’re just beginning your fertility journey or want IVF treatment support in a welcoming environment, Reproductive Wellness will help you take control of your fertility and health.

We want to be an integral part of your unique conception journey. Contact us today for your free fertility consultation.