How to make your IVF successful

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How to make your IVF successful

It’s a question I get asked often, and a question that many of you find it difficult trying to get straight answers to: “What can I do to make my IVF more successful?”

Well, first and foremost, what it takes to make your IVF successful will be subjective to you. It varies for every individual, so what might be right for you might be different for someone else.

With that said, there are a few things that I believe everyone going into IVF should be doing, in order to feel empowered to create the best possible results for each and every IVF cycle.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

I’ve spoken about this before but I can’t say it enough. Prepare prepare prepare! Preparation is key, and dedicating a minimum of 3 months prior to your first treatment can have profound effects on your chances for success.

Think about it, we don’t go into any major life decisions without preparing first. You wouldn’t go into a marathon, climb mount everest or attend a job interview without preparing first – and your IVF treatment should be no different.

You want to take time in advance to your IVF cycle to prepare. This means you’re gonna buckle down and make sure everything is on point and at the best it can be. It’s the time to clean up your diet and nutrition, make better lifestyle choices, take appropriate supplementation, practice good sleep hygiene, attend to any outside health issues, and really just get your body at the best it can be so that you’re feeling strong and ready for pregnancy.

I know how much you want to get started, and how hard it is to be patient, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Taking 3 months (or even longer if you can), to take care of your body, prepare it and get it baby ready before you begin your IVF, could be exactly what it takes for it to stick!

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Find the right IVF clinic

I find that most of my patients get the best results when they find the best IVF clinic for their needs and conditions.

You might be thinking: what does that mean, aren’t all IVF clinics the same? But no, not all clinics are the same. It’s super important to figure out which clinic is the right clinic for you.

Once you have down all of the clinics which are an option to you both geographically and financially, you also need to be researching into which of those clinics can do the best job under your specific circumstances and with your particular fertility conditions.

The right IVF clinic is subjective to your needs. Do you have a history of miscarriage, have autoimmune issues, endometriosis, blood clotting factors? Do you know how to check the live birth statistics for women of your age or with your condition for the clinic you’re considering?

There is more to your chances for IVF success than the clinics success rates so make sure you do thorough and proper research before deciding on a clinic. As I’m sure you well know, IVF is a massive financial and emotional investment, and you should be triple checking that you’re investing yourself into the best place.

How to do that? Research research research! A good clinic with good doctors will be able to advise you and help you to decide whether or not the treatments they can offer to you are worth the financial and emotional investment. And if you’re still not sure on how to find the best clinic and what research you should be doing, let me know – I want to help.

Seek out support

It doesn’t matter who you are, all humans need support – especially through emotionally challenging times. It doesn’t matter what form this support takes for you, as long as you are seeking it out and getting it in the way you need.

It might be finding a community of women who are going through the same process and can identify with the many ups and downs of the journey and empathise with your emotions. If you’re a more private person, it might be figuring out how to communicate what you’re going through and what you need to your family and close friends.

Wherever this support comes from, it is crucial to getting through your IVF treatment with your mental health still intact. A healthy mind is just as important to your IVF success as a healthy body is. Having someone to talk honestly and openly with will help to relieve stress and let go of emotion that you may otherwise bottle up – which is not good for you under any circumstances, especially not during IVF treatment.

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What are you doing, right now, to ensure your IVF is the most successful it can be? What are you struggling with? What’s the hardest part for you? Let me know in the comments below: you’ll likely see that you’re not alone in your struggles and you’re all going through a similar thing.

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