You might be thinking… “it shouldn’t be this hard to get pregnant.”

Failing to get pregnant can be emotionally exhausting, draining and very frustrating. Especially if you have been trying for several months.  Like you, many of my patients felt something was “wrong” with them as a woman.

If you are on this page, chances are you are going through the same. You might even feel fear of feeling hope, in case you get disappointed again.


Sounds familiar?

Should I do IVF? Take hormones? Change my diet? Is it my lifestyle?

Maybe I’m not meant to be a mom… maybe I’m just… infertile

I’m worried my husband and family are disappointed with me as a woman. All our frieds ask us what are we waiting for

Why can’t I get pregnant if it’s so easy for everyone else?

Doctors don’t give me answers… I feel alone. What am I doing wrong?

That's Why I created this Fertility Exercise

The Fertility Balanced Wheel is an easy exercise you can do at home that will help you take a look at different areas in your life that are affecting your fertility.

The FERTILITY Balance Wheel

The Fertility Balance Wheel is an fertility exercise is for anyone who is feeling blocked in their fertility journey, needs a new approach to fertility and is ready to do what it takes to empower their fertility naturally.

You’ll learn about the 12 areas affecting your fertility

You’ll understand what the areas in your life that need more support and focus right now

You’ll get your fertility score for more recommendations
You’ll be able to look at your body as a whole, don’t focus only in your reproductive system

With the Fertility Balance Wheel, you can see in what areas of your life you need more love and support. It will help you visualize those other areas in your life you can shift focus to, to balance things out.

Who is Dr. Sklar, The Fertility Expert?

Dr. Marc Sklar aka The Fertility Expert is a natural fertility specialist leading a team of fertility experts whose mission is to help you BELIEVE in your fertility and EMPOWER your body to CREATE a healthy pregnancy by supporting and coaching you during your journey to motherhood.