Trying to get pregnant over 35

Trying to get pregnant over 35

Trying to get pregnant over 35


Have you been worrying about that ‘end-of-fertility’ cliff that seems to get closer and closer as you approach the age 35? Read Jennifer’s story to see why age shouldn’t make you lose hope…

Jennifer and her husband decided to try for a baby after their honeymoon, a time that they described as ‘later in the game.’

Jennifer had just turned 35, and she became worried after 6 months passed with unsuccessful pregnancy test after unsuccessful pregnancy test.

She and her husband decided to go see a doctor for some advice and support. When they told their story, they were told by the doctor to wait 6 more months as they would not be classed as a case of infertility until they’ve endured 12 months of this same disappointment.

It was around that time when I met Jennifer.

She was on her second round of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and still wasn’t getting pregnant.

I decided to take a closer look at all of her previous testing and blood work and asked her why she was doing IUI right now – I could see that her thyroid levels were really high and it didn’t seem like her body was prepared for the treatment to be at its most successful yet.

Treating the root cause (before giving advice about any other fertility treatments) was my first priority. At first, her doctor wasn’t happy that the patient was the one bringing to his attention something which the doctor should have noticed earlier – but knowing what to ask her doctor and how to guide him, meant that she was empowered deal with her thyroid issues much sooner.

The doctor agreed that her thyroid results were a little high, and she was given medication to level things out.

Time was passing with lots of visits to my clinic and to her doctor. It was getting stressful for Jennifer. She could see how her husband was disappointed… How he wanted to help her but he felt helpless. It’s hard to know how to be there for your wife during times of fertility treatment.

She admits, by this point, she had put a wall up.

She didn’t want to talk about it. She was too stressed out and too scared to face the possible reality of not being able to get pregnant. She didn’t want anyone to throw her a ‘pity party’.

So she went through it in silence, watching all of her friends get pregnant around her.

She would often to come my office in tears. (It’s always difficult to see my patients like this, to see them slowly losing hope).

I did my best to keep her empowered. I told her:

She took a break over the summer. Coming back to my clinic to have acupuncture. Then she took a vacation, had fun, relaxed and let go a little bit.

I told her about the natural ways she can support her body towards a pregnancy. She found a Natural IVF clinic where she was given Clomid. They retrieved 3 mature eggs – 2 of which were transferred a few weeks later.

She chose an IVF treatment that included very minimal medication… she wanted as natural a solution as she could get, and I supported her through the process making sure she was prepared, knew what to expect of her egg retrieval, how to support her body through treatment to make her IVF the most successful it could be.

Her and her husband were very happy with the results… and I was super excited to hear that they were pregnant with twins!

Are you thinking of going through IVF? You don’t have to go through this part of your fertility journey alone.

Make sure you know when IVF is the only solution left for you – many couples go through IVF too soon, or uninformed on how to prepare for treatment to make sure it’s successful.

For those of you who have chosen IVF as your pathway towards pregnancy, I have created an IVF program called Conquer your IVF designed to improve your success rates up to 40%. It’s a comprehensive collection – made to go alongside your treatment – with all of the advice, guidance and support you’ll need during your IVF that I’ve given to thousands of patients over the years. Read more about the program by clicking here <<

If you’re not sure yet on which pathway you should take towards pregnancy, and are looking for some more support and guidance, just like Jennifer was… then why not schedule a call with myself or a member of my amazing Fertility Expert team?

We believe that all bodies are powerful and fertile – and that includes you! Despite whether or not you’ve been told you can’t get pregnant by your doctor, we believe in you and your future baby. If we think we can help you – we will.



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