The Root Cause Of Your Fertility Struggle: How To Have A Healthy Baby

The Root Cause Of Your Fertility Struggle: How To Have A Healthy Baby

The Root Cause Of Your Fertility Struggle: How To Have A Healthy Baby

Transcription :

Unexplained fertility issues are so common. They tell you that you need to go to IVF, and you’re wondering, wait, but what’s actually really happening? Why am I not getting pregnant? What is the root cause that’s not allowing me to get pregnant? That’s exactly what happened in this real case story that I’m going to bring to you today. I’m always talking about finding the root cause, and in this story, that was one of the more important pieces that she needed to actually be successful, and why I always talk about it. This is so often overlooked. Today, I’m going to show you why it’s actually so important and why you can’t overlook it, and actually why unexplained infertility is not typically unexplained.

During the last 20 years that I’ve been a fertility expert, I’ve seen many, many stories just like this. They join the whole program after being left with more questions than answers. So, let’s listen to her story right now, and as always, I’ll share what we did for her so you can hopefully find something helpful in this to help you on your fertility journey. So take some notes, okay?

So, Lela wasn’t comfortable being put on camera, so she just recorded an audio. It’s actually short but I think it’s really powerful, and I’m going to let her tell her story completely through because it’s so short. It’s just about a couple of minutes. But then I’m going to interject afterward on the other things that she leaves out because I think these are so valuable for all of you listening can really give you a lot of information. So, let’s hear from her.

“Our journey for a while and after a year and a half or so, I mean, there has been like unexplained fertility diagnosis, and I think you have to go through IVF. We have no issues with that, but we wanted to figure out what’s going on. What is the root cause that bothered me more than just forcing myself to go in one direction? And that’s when we stumbled on Dr. Mark. I started following him, and it felt really promising. And then we had the introduction session with Dr. Mark and went through what our issues are, and he was very detail-oriented. He looked at every small thing, and he ordered a very comprehensive lab work, and that has changed things a lot because just pointing out the root cause. And then there were some hormonal issues on my spouse’s side as well as mine. So, we targeted to fix those first. So it not just improved egg and sperm quality. It kind of helped in overall health, which was a great direction. And then I think everything started progressing in the right direction, and step by step, we were getting to the right point. And then Mark was very helpful in looking at every minor thing, and whenever we need any help, he was there. He would respond to your email or calls and say that, okay, this cycle, let’s do this or let’s do that. It has changed this. So, I think that started sometime in late December or January of 2020. And then in May, I had a positive pregnancy test but then ended up with a miscarriage in the early weeks. And then in November again, I got a pregnancy. I conceived, and we had a baby in August. So I think the whole journey overall, it felt very good in the sense the overall health figuring out the root cause and then pointing one step at a time going in the right direction. It kind of really was very helpful that Mark was there throughout the journey.”

So that’s in her words. Now I’m going to share and interject some really important pieces that tie everything together. So I want to first start off by saying that she said, “Oh, they were told it was unexplained.” This diagnosis, first and foremost, is really frustrating to me because I do not believe in that diagnosis. I do not believe that most, if not all, fertility cases like this don’t have a root cause, and in her case, that was the case. It did have a root cause; it was not unexplained. But the real frustrating part here in her situation, her and her husband’s, is that we actually knew when they came to me; we knew that there were some issues they were just being ignored. So, to give the diagnosis of unexplained was absurd to me. She had irregular cycles and was diagnosed with PCOS. I confirmed it by going deeper with my labs and making sure that that was really the case. In addition, one important piece that I felt was left out in her assessment that she never told me, but I reviewed her chart notes and I observed it was that her uterus was retroverted, which means it was tilted backward. It was shifted backward. The other thing that was that led to this ridiculous unexplained diagnosis was that her husband had hypothyroidism, which was ignored or missed. I don’t recall at this point. And there were some male factor issues as well, especially with his hormones, and they weren’t really factoring this in. And that is often the case. So, we see this on both sides, and what they said to me from the beginning was, you know, if we need to do IVF, that’s fine, but we would really prefer to go at this a natural way and see if we can get pregnant naturally. Not to mention that in their family history, they both had hypothyroidism and high blood pressure and diabetes. So, these are all things that run in the family that will impact their health and did impact their health.

So, two things that we needed to clear up. One is we needed to address her cycles, the irregularity of them due to the PCOS, and we needed to make sure that the male factor side was being addressed. On his side, it wasn’t just that there was low testosterone; there was also low sperm count and low or poor morphology, and all of those things need to be addressed. Now he had already started to make progress on that because he took Clomid, but we weren’t really seeing all the changes we needed to see, and they weren’t significant enough.

So right off the bat, we created a plan that was going to address all of those things for them, to address the PCOS both through diet, lifestyle, and supplements, to address the male factor again both through diet, lifestyle, and supplements. We really made a huge change. They made a huge change in their lifestyle and in their diets. And one of the tricky things for them, but we see this across the board, is you can’t just give somebody a plan or supplements and say bye, call me when you’re pregnant. That doesn’t typically happen. And so we needed to adjust often, and as she referenced in her story, was that we had to really stay on top of it, and almost every month or every other month we were making some slight adjustments to their supplements and their protocol to get the results that we needed.

One of the biggest things is timing intercourse because previously her cycles were irregular, and now that they were regular, they needed to time intercourse appropriately. But we also needed to take into account the male factor side of things because when we have low count and poor morphology and low testosterone, we have to account for that in our recommendations, which we absolutely did. So timing intercourse appropriately, giving enough time in between those, and then what we decided to do was actually try ICI (intra cervical insemination), kind of like an IUI but not quite. You could do this at home, and so they were able to get pregnant with the ICI, but as she referenced, they miscarried.

And so I knew that there were still some things we needed to address, and so as we started to do that, her cycles became way more regular, his testosterone improved dramatically, his numbers improved dramatically, and so we were seeing changes throughout. Now I knew it was just a matter of time, and so for them, they were getting a little bit frustrated because from when we started to when this happened, it was over 6 months, over 9 months actually, close to a year. But they stuck with it, and they finally got pregnant using home ICI, and it stuck and was successful throughout.

And over this time, we had to make these little changes, these constant little changes, and that’s actually one of the more important pieces. So first and foremost, we had to get to the root cause, which we did. It was already there; it was just being ignored. Number two, there was no such thing as unexplained here. We need to just address what was there. We need to actually give them a plan to address those things. And three, we needed to adjust along the way as they made progress because you can’t just stay constant in something like this and expect to see long-term results, and they were able to do that and get the results that they deserved.

I love stories like this. More importantly, I love how successful they were, so much so that they are back trying for number two, which I’m really excited about, and hopefully, we can share another exciting story with you after that. But now I want you to think a little bit. I want you to think about their situation, their case, and I want you to think about your situation now, your fertility situation. In your case, how long have you actually been trying? Is it long enough? Have you given yourself enough time, or do you need to give yourself a little bit more time? Have you been told that you need to do IVF or even like others have been told that it’s really only going to happen with a donor egg, but you really want to try naturally, and if so, what have you done about that? What actions are you taking right now to address your root issues, to create a comprehensive plan to get the results like they were able to get, and what labs have you done to give you the proper information?

These are all really, really important questions to ask, and I’m actually asking you those questions. I want to hear from you. Comment below and let me know. In addition, what resonates with all of you about her story, about the information I shared about her story and how we got the results that we got? Comment below and let me know. And if you’ve got questions about your fertility case, I want to hear from you as well. Now it’s time, you know what, if you could actually be the next success story. If you want to join the Hope program and have similar results that they did, then I want to invite you to head on over to Discovery call or use the link in the description below that can do the same thing to speak to a real person on my team that will be able to identify if you’re a good fit to work with me as your fertility coach and if I might be the next step on your fertility journey to hopefully get you the results that you deserve.

And now I’m also going to share some additional stories of hope that I want you to check out to give you more motivation to keep going and to get the results that you deserve. If you like this video, give me a thumbs up. If you’re not already a subscriber, you need to be. So hit that Bell to subscribe and get notified when I put out another video for all of you. And until the next video, stay fertile.