Three reasons why you can be super fertile in your 40s!

Three reasons why you can be super fertile in your 40s!

If you are in your 40’s or older and looking to get pregnant, I have Fertility info for you! Do you have that biological clock always ticking in the back of your mind? Do you feel the pressures of society speeding up your timeline? Do you think, I am 40s+, I am too old to get pregnant?

I have news for you! I believe you are super fertile in your 40’s and I have three reasons why I believe that!

In this Fertility TV episode, I focus on how you are ‘Super Fertile 40s+”. 

1. You Can improve your AMH as you age

FertilityFirst off, what is AMH? Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is a hormone that is tested to figure out the range of how many eggs you have. The test doesn’t give you an exact number but a strong enough range for you to understand where you count is. If you want to dive deeper into information on AMH, check out my Fertility TV episode “What does FSH & AMH mean?” 

A common misconception is that as you age, your egg count goes down. From my experience is it possible to do the opposite. I have seen that number go up in my patients as they age, given they follow a healthy lifestyle.

If you are thinking, I am aging but I don’t know how to improve my egg quality, check out my blog post: How to Improve your Egg Quality to get pregnant faster.

Can your ovaries regenerate or grow new eggs? I dive deeper into this topic in my previous blog: How to rejuvenate your ovaries and eggs

2. Understand your body

Women in their 40’s deeply understand their body. They have a more intuned connection with their bodies, listening to the changes and what they need and don’t need to do for their bodies. There is this healthy conversation created, where women in their 40s understand what their body is telling them. When understanding what your body is telling you, you are able to adapt and make changes that improve your health.

You are also more responsible with yourself, making lifestyle changes that promote healthy living. For most you are no longer pulling all-nighters or partying as you may have in your 20s. Understanding the value of taking care of your body and putting its needs ahead of social wants. If you are in your 40s and you find yourself not listening to your body, this is the time to switch things up and put your self-care first.

Check out my friend Brianne Grogan a women’s exercise specialists, who did a guest blog talking about How to prime your body and mind. Brianne focus on three tips to help you connect and understand your body!

3. Life perspective changes your mindset

As you age, you view the world differently. Your thoughts can improve your health! As you improve your mind then your health, your fertility will improve as well. Be kind to yourself inside and out. Understand your thought process and learn how to nurture your mind and your body the way you need it.

If you are already in your 40s and feel you haven’t gotten to this place in your life yet, you can start now! You have a choice and I encourage you to choose you! If you are in your 40s, I’d love for you to support each other and leave an encouraging comment below!

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  1. Isabel 9 months ago

    Yes! Thank you for the article.

  2. Danae 5 months ago

    Well said Dr Sklar! I certainly found it to be true – I have a very healthy 2 year daughter old born when I was 46 after only 6 months trying to conceive. At 45 my AMH was 16.1 (2.25) before I started making any changes – no doubt it got better as I made some changes aimed at improving my egg quality.

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