How to Rejuvenate Your Ovaries and Eggs

Regenerating your ovaries and your eggs sounds pretty cool right? Today on Fertility TV, I’ll talk about how to regenerate your ovaries and eggs.

We often talk about ovarian health and egg quality when we are looking into fertility issues.  When we start considering these things, patients want to know what we can do about them.  So can your ovaries regenerate or grow new eggs?  It’s fascinating stuff!

We have all been taught that women are born with a finite amount of eggs or follicles and, as they age, that number decreases.  By the time you start puberty you’ve lost millions of eggs and so on, until you hit menopause.  

There is new research that shows this may not actually be the case.  This research suggests that your ovaries can actually grow new eggs.  Is this true?  Can it really happen?

Here is what the researcher actually had to say: “This research suggests that the ovary is indeed a more complex and versatile organ than we have been taught or than we expected, with an inherent capacity for renewal.”

What I, as a fertility specialist, take from this is the world inherent; that innately, the ovary, the body, and the cells in the ovary know that it needs to regenerate or reproduce and spark new life.  For me this is really fascinating.  Coming from an integrative and more natural perspective, we’ve always known that the body has this innate capacity to regenerate, to thrive, and to recover.  Now, we’re taking that whole idea and putting it to the ovaries.  We were always taught that it wasn’t the case, but this is promising.

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I believe that there is still a lot of research that needs to be done on this, but it’s still really intriguing.  For me it really comes back to what I’ve spoken about to all my patients over the years.  We need to focus on reproductive anti-aging.  Can we actually regenerate new, good quality eggs?  My answer has always been “yes”!   I often got a strange look from patients when I talked to them about this, but it is no different than any other anti-aging medicine out there.  It’s just directed toward the reproductive organs and the ovaries and follicles.  

If we are trying to take better care of ourselves, giving ourselves proper nutrients, nourishment, and living a better, healthier, less stressful life, it is all about reducing the impact that stress has on your body and working for proper cellular regeneration and health.  It is exactly the same when we gear it toward the ovaries in this case.


I like to view the body as a whole.  We each have one body until we die and we’d better take good care of it.  So we have to treat it like gold, or even better.  If you had gold and you knew that you needed to take care of it as if it was the only gold you’d ever get for the rest of your life.  What would you do?  You’d probably take super good care of it, right?  You might put it in a protective case.  Maybe you’d lock it up.  If it needed to be fed or supported, you’d do those things for it.  Our body should be treated the same way.  We need to support, protect and feed it just the same.

The keys for this are the same as what I usually talk about:

  1. Feed the body properly. Stay away from all processed food.  When you look at the food that you’re eating, you need to ask yourself “Was this the way that was intended to be eaten.  Is this the way my great grandparents would have eaten it?”  If the answer is “no”, then go find it somewhere else.  We should be eating food in the least processed way. An easy way to get started is following the meal plan and recipes from my Fertility Meal Plan and Detox. You can get free access here.

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2. Manage stress impact on the body.  Make more time for you. Make more time for relationships. Make time for your partner and for overall happiness. What about starting managing stress with a little fertility meditation? I just put together this little “meditation kit” for my private FB community. If you want it, it’s yours! Just go to this link, it’ll take you to a FB post. Follow the instructions: leave a comment with the word SECRET to get 2 fertility meditations + a bonus fertility exercise

(this is just a little snippet from my stress resource The Secret to Conception, if you’re serious about managing your stress, you can get the all the audio meditations, ebook and full workbook here)

3. Get more sleep. It’s important to get good quality sleep. I’ll leave a couple of good resources here that can be useful if you want to go deeper on how to get a better sleep
This is a link to my favorite natural mattress. Me and my wife have it, and we love it!

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4. Give your body enough nutrients via supplementation. The easiest way to get quality natural supplements it’s using the online shop here. Those are my favorite companies, the ones I use with patients following my virtual fertility programs and at the clinics in San Diego.

You can really help your body and your ovaries with just the first three. But i have found that right now, for most people, it is important to supplement so that they can get over the hump and start moving their bodies toward the ability to heal and regenerate.

These four keys are what I believe will be the key to starting the process of ovarian regeneration and creating new follicles or eggs in the ovaries. Get all the resources above, and let’s get started improving those eggs! If you are serious about getting pregnant and rejuveneting your eggs and ovaries, let’s talk! There are many ways I can help you, check out all my virtual programs here

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