I’m healthy and still not pregnant!

Do you feel like you have a healthy body and are unsure why you are still coming up negative on your monthly pregnancy test? Is it starting to feel frustration, that you think you are doing all the “right” things and not getting the results you are hoping for? Do you catch yourself comparing your pregnancy path to others?

In this Fertility TV episode, I focus on the how you can be “healthy and still not pregnant”. 

1. Shift into a healthy mindset

No two pregnancies are the same! This is already a challenging pathway to travel down, and you don’t need unnecessary outside pressure weighing you down. This is your journey, and it’s going to be different than anyone else’s.

Let’s focus on you and start with the fact that no-“body” is the same. Every woman on the path to motherhood has her unique journey and looking outside yourself to compare your way to others is not a healthy mindset to be in.

You have more than enough on your plate to focus on. Let’s shift your focus back to you. When you catch yourself comparing, gently turn your focus back to you.

A wonderful tool I like to recommend to support mindfulness while trying to conceive is the Organic Conceptions.  Organic Conception is like a therapist and fertility expert in one neat kit. It will remind you that you are not alone in this experience and that there are ways to get through whats happening, one step at a time. Check out my previous blog How to Manage the Emotional Stress of Fertility for more details on this program. 

Another favorite mindful tool is the Secret to ConceptionThis will help you uncover all the elements that stand in your way. The Secret to Conception is an ebook, workbook and audio files that will allow your body to be more fertile and receptive to a healthy conception and pregnancy.

2. Figure out the why?

Something is going on with you physically that may have been missing, or you haven’t had an expert identify yet. The best way to get to the bottom of this is starting with bloodwork. If you haven’t had blood work done, this is where you begin.

If you have gone down this road before and no answers came of it, this is a good time to get a second opinion. You may need to dig a little deeper for answers. Fertility experts such as myself and my team can help dig deeper and find if anything was overlooked.

3. Make a plan!

Once you understand the why, you need a plan. You are about to embark on a pathway to pregnancy, and you want to have a clear roadmap to get you there. There are several ways in which you can create this plan.  I believe everyone needs a personalized plan that fits just for them. That is why I have a program called HOPE Coaching, just for this! 

Hope Coaching is an hour online consultation for anyone struggling with fertility, no matter where you live in the world. With the convenience of our remote online experts, we can consult with you from the comfort of your own home and in the convenience of your busy schedule.

During this call, either myself or one of my natural fertility expert team members you will get the fertility support you need. We will discuss your current situation, the path you have taken thus far, give you recommendations and create a personalized plan just for you to create a healthy pregnancy and baby.

No matter where you live, we are here for you!

4. Get a coach!

If you have been your own healthy coach most of your life, you might be thinking, but I can do this alone. I understand that mentality. I would like to offer up the suggestion that you lean on a Fertility Coach to help guide you through this experience. You want to keep your body healthy and focused on creating a safe home for your soon to be baby. With that goal in mind, you need someone to help keep you on track. You don’t need to take this all on, on your own. It can get very cluttered to do this on your own and I highly recommend you have a guide to help you achieve your pregnancy plan.

Often the patients I see in my clinic will also be seeing three to five other medical practitioners who help improve their fertility. Check out my previous blog How to find the best team to help you get pregnant! This will give you a few tips before you start recruiting your ultimate dream team. 

5. Lean on your support system

Let your inner circle know your plan and have them help support you when you need someone to fall back on to. Your partner and support system can be a part of this journey as much as you want to involve them. Make it clear to them what you need and want from them. Unsolicited advice on this journey can throw off all the above steps. Make it clear how you need your support system to show up and how they can be there for you and they will!

If you haven’t found that support system yet, join my private Facebook group filled with women just like you! “I am Ready” with the Fertility Expert. 

  1. 1. Talk with a Specialist:

  2. If you are on this page, watching this Fertility TV episode.  Our mission is to help you address the root cause of your fertility problems, empower your body to its maximum health so you can get pregnant naturally.If you’ve been trying with no success and want fertility help and answers on how to get pregnant, the Hope Coaching is the next step
  3. H.O.P.E – Heal naturally to Overcome Infertility & Get Pregnant by  Empowering your body

  4. During this 1-hour online fertility consultation you’ll get all the fertility support you need,we’ll review your case, give you recommendations and create a next steps for a personalized plan to help you get pregnant  The H.O.P.E Coaching is the next step to make sure your fertility journey is going towards a healthy pregnancy. 60 minutes can mean the difference on how long it takes for you to hold your dreamed babyNo matter where you live (our programs are virtual), how long you’ve been trying or your fertility condition, we’re here for you

    • If you’ve been trying for quite some time with no results, are tired of seeing doctors with no answers, but are not ready to quit on your body and your fertility, we’ll be your “fertility detectives”. During the HOPE Coaching call we’ll find answers to your fertility problems and study the next steps in your fertility journey
    • If you started trying some months ago, but need guidance, want a holistic approach to fertility and are ready to empower your fertility in a natural way, the HOPE coaching call will give you the help you need to eliminate any blockages so you can start seeing results and feel EMPOWER, fertile and baby ready
    • If you are thinking about getting pregnant and want to know how to get your body ready, empower your fertility in a natural way following our holistic fertility approach so you can get pregnant fast avoiding IVF



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 H.O.P.E Coaching – Heal naturally to Overcome infertility & get Pregnant by Empowering your body

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It includes: 60 minutes coaching call with Dr Sklar, The Fertility Expert

During this 1 hour online fertility consultation with Dr Sklar, or his team of natural fertility experts, you’ll get all the fertility support you need,we’ll review your case, give you recommendations and create a next steps for a personalized plan to help you get pregnant

The H.O.P.E Coaching is a 60 minutes call where we’ll go over your fertility case and give you customized recommendations, that work for YOU. Me and my team of fertility doctors are here to help you improve your fertility to get pregnant.




For more than 15 years, fertility expert, Marc Sklar, has been helping couples struggling to conceive and have healthy babies. In addition to his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Marc trained at the Harvard Medical School, Mind/Body Medical Institute. He is the creator of MarcSklar.com and ReproductiveWellness.com, and he’s the co-author of Secret to Conception. Marc lives in San Diego, with his wife and two sons. If you’re ready to start a family, Marc can help!
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