How Men’s Health is Connected to Fertility!

How Men’s Health is Connected to Fertility!

How is Men’s Health connected to your fertility ?

How is the health of the man in your life affecting your fertility? What if his health and sperm count were just as important to focus on when trying to get pregnant? In this below article, I collaborate with the team over at Trak Fertility who helps to share the connection of men’s health and fertility.

When discussing fertility, our main focus tends to be women. June is the official Men’s Health Month and to honor those men in our lives and on our fertility journey with us, let’s focus on the men and how their health plays a role in fertility.

Do you know your sperm count? 

It’s important for me as a Fertility Expert to include all the variables when understanding each individual and couple’s fertility journey. Trak Fertility focuses on improving a man’s health and how it can lead to better fertility outcomes for couples. 

Just as you would take your car in for a tune-up, it’s a great idea to check your sperm count regularly, especially when trying to conceive. 

Trak Fertility sees fertility as a unique opportunity to talk to young men and motivate them toward healthier living at this important time in their life as they try to become a father. 

How is a man’s health connected to his sperm count?

A man’s reproductive system is central to a his overall health and well-being. The average man produces 1,500 sperm PER SECOND, when things are working correctly that’s billions and trillions of sperm cells over one’s lifetime.

Back to the car analogy, your internal biology is kind of like a car, in that everything needed to properly operate is interconnected. If something fails in one part of the system it can impact the rest. Your wheels won’t turn if the engine’s not running, the engine won’t run if you don’t have gas, etc. If you’re not properly producing sperm often times the issue stems from something else happening in your body.

Not sure if you are producing healthy sperm? Check out our Trak Fertility and my previous discussion “How to know if your sperm is good

What is your low sperm count saying about your health?

Research continues to show that men who face infertility or have low sperm counts are at significantly higher risk of other health conditions. 

Men with abnormal semen parameters have a 6X greater risk of DEATH than other men. Your sperm are little indicators for how the rest of your body is functioning. Think of them as the “Check Engine” light for your health. 

Six ways men can strengthen your health, sperm, and fertility! 

Bring Trak into your home with an easy to do at home sperm analysis kit! 

Trak at home Kit includes everything you need to test your sperm count and semen volume at home.

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Fertility Testing

Want to find out for yourself what’s not letting you get pregnant and what to do about it? Then take these tests! These female hormone tests, ovarian reserve tests and other tests are the first start. They will be able to shed some light on what is going on with your reproductive and hormonal health, and fertility.

You order them online and take them from home – and receive the results 5 days later. If you’d like help understanding your results and finding out what they mean and what you should do, you should book a consultation with myself or one of my incredible Fertility Experts to have them reviewed and a fertility plan created for you.


Looking for more information and guidance on how men’s health plays a role in fertility? 

Talk with The Fertility Expert’s Team

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