How to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

How to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

How to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

Did you recently have a miscarriage or have you had multiple miscarriages? Are you fearful of getting pregnant again and having the same outcome?

In this week’s Fertility TV I talk about “How to get pregnant after a miscarriage”

Here are four suggestions men can do after a miscarriage:

What to focus on? Key is to understand on a cellular health and Genetic issues. Treating any issues on a cellular or genetic level are extremely important and can be a cause of the miscarriages. The first place to focus on? MEN!

There is evidence to show that the quality of the male sperm can impact and cause a miscarriage if it’s not good.

  1. Semen analysis – Is a test that will check out the quality of the male’s semen. For more detail on how to do this test in the comfort of your own home – check out my article – “How to know if your sperm is good”. 

  2. DNA fragmentation analysis is a type of male fertility test which measures the amount of damaged DNA in a sperm sample. All men have some amount of damage to their sperm DNA, but high percentages of damage may indicate greater difficulty achieving pregnancy with IUI and IVF.

  3. Hormone blood test – This is a blood test checking for follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and testosterone. These play a role in the development and maturation of sperm.

  4. Nutrient deficiency – Doing blood tests to see if there are any nutrients deficiency in both men and women.

Here are two test women can do to get pregnant after miscarriage:

In addition to what I already spoke about above about getting tested for Nutrient deficiency, women, you can do the following two tests. 

  1. Egg Quality – Need to understand the egg quality so that we can repair it. How do we repair this? Is by focusing on the mitochondria of the cell. I go deeper into repairing egg quality in the article – “How to improve egg quality to get pregnant faster
  2. IVF – Often we don’t know which embryo we are producing is healthy. IVF is helpful to understand the condition of the embryo and where you can do genetic testing to go along with the embryo’s health. Once you know which embryos are healthy, those can be transferred back into the uterus to have a healthy pregnancy.

This is where I want you to begin. Once you have done all these tests and start to get your results back that is where you need to have a personalized pregnancy plan created. If you are looking for support on this, check out HOPE Coaching. More details below.

Check out my previous article: “How to Avoid Miscarriage”

There is a lot of information to receive about miscarriages, a topic I often discuss through a range of different subtopics. My previous discussion on miscarriages was how to avoid a miscarriage. This is a great article to read whether you have had one or hope to never have one. It’s full of information on how you can take the steps to avoid one.  Check it out – “How to avoid miscarriage“.


Fertility Testing

Want to find out for yourself what’s not letting you get pregnant and what to do about it? Then take these tests! These female hormone tests, ovarian reserve tests and other tests are the first start. They will be able to shed some light on what is going on with your reproductive and hormonal health, and fertility.

You order them online and take them from home – and receive the results 5 days later. If you’d like help understanding your results and finding out what they mean and what you should do, you should book a consultation with myself or one of my incredible Fertility Experts to have them reviewed and a fertility plan created for you.



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  1. darshna rach 1 year ago

    Mark do you have an knowledge or experience on the new research on tooth infections causing miscarriage?

  2. Johnnie Thompson 1 year ago

    Hi Mark,
    I have PCOS. We have been trying to concieve for 7 years. I’ve had one miscarriage 4 years ago. I have since then done 5 rounds of Clomid and maxed out on those. Then we tried Femera and maxed out on it as well, did 4 rounds all of which were unsuccessful. The last time my OBGYN ran tests my FSH was 5.1 and my Estradiol was 19.3.
    We were going to do a Pregnyl trigger shot, but my follicles won’t grow big enough.
    Are those levels for the FSH and Estradiol normal?
    What can I do to improve my egg quality?

  3. Neikeisha Ford 1 year ago

    Hi Mark ,
    How can a hydrosalpinx contribute to a chemical pregnancy? Can it be healed naturally without surgery?

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