How to Know if Your Sperm Is Good – Interview with TRAK

How to Know if Your Sperm Is Good – Interview with TRAK

There are a lot of things that are affecting men’s sperm counts.  But how do we know how to take care of our sperm, and how do we find out if our sperm counts are healthy? Watch the video to find out more about how to improve your sperm!

Diet, exercise, overall health and wellness, heat and toxins are all contributing factors.

Here is where the Trak System and App can help you get a better gauge of your male fertility. Sara Naab shares with us a new home testing system and app for supporting and tracking male fertility.

What is Trak?


Trak is a FDA cleared home testing kit that will allow you to test and measure your sperm count and track it, from home. Trak is more than a test in that it offers education and tools for improving male fertility based on your results. When you get a Trak, it comes in a discreet brown box. It includes a centrifuge, with 4 included tests. Because your fertility is not a static number, we have included lots of tests so that you can make sure you stay in the optimal zone, or so that you can test to make sure that the changes you are making in your life are making an impact on your count. It can also help you know if you need to go to a doctor for further testing. This gives you a long-term tool to use on your fertility journey.

This is a great tool to start tracking your sperm count, especially if you are just starting out on your fertility journey, or if your doctors have said that testing can wait and you should just keep trying.

Improving sperm count can take a while. So using Trak even before you begin your fertility journey can be super helpful. And the system comes with an informational male fertility guide. It has a lot of pictures! It breaks down a lot of the research and numbers related to men’s health and fertility so that you can understand what the test is actually telling you and what you can do about it.

How does it work?

Collect a sample in the cup
Use a dropper to fill the test
Click it into the middle of the centrifuge
Read the test by looking at the white column and the correlating numbers
15 is the cutoff for low sperm count; you should probably get at least a full semen analysis, possibly a hormone analysis, and maybe even genetic tests.
55 is the indicator for optimal sperm count, the more sperm you have, the better your chances of conceiving.

Who I recommend this for?

There are a lot of men in the moderate range that can improve their count with lifestyle changes. Our goal is to help men understand where they are at and hopefully get them into the optimal zone and keeping them in the optimal zone with periodic checks once they are there. Time in the hot tub, too much to drink, can cause a dip, and testing at home can give you control over knowing and resolving those dips.

Wives and partners are doing quite a bit in the part of testing, men can step up a little bit and give a sample at home. It isn’t the worst procedure, we promise!

The sooner you find out the information, the better. Upwards of 40% of fertility is a male factor. Gathering this information early, from home, can help you get a lot of very useful information. The Trak kit is as accurate as the standard lab test that is done. It is also FDA cleared and has gone through many trials to make sure it is accurate.

Tracking sperm count is not the only factor in male fertility. But having a tool, that gives a simple number to focus on as a barometer for the rest of your health. Sperm count is one of the best indicator of male fertility although there are other factors. But in general, if you have a healthy body, you will have healthy sperm in the optimal range. Increasing sperm count, regardless of morphology and motility, can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Another issue with men getting tested, there are a lot of reasons to drag your heels, but you may also be nervous about what the results are. So Trak relieves some of the awkwardness of and inconvenience of testing. It is a safe system to help you understand where you are at, but also has an education piece so that this isn’t a number set in stone. Your result isn’t a life sentence, it is just a starting point. It allows you understand what you can do to change your results too.

Are you starting out on your fertility journey?

Find out more about TRAK to start tracking your sperm count!

Click Here!

What can you do to improve sperm?

We are dealing now with a steady decline in the “normal” sperm count. Things like toxins and obesity have been pushing the number down. There are ways to improve sperm count on your own, to increase sperm count to what used to be the normal levels of 80 million and up. Sara recommends these ways:

  • If you have a sitting job, get a standing desk or take breaks every hour. Stop cooking your balls!
  • Avoid binge drinking, which overloads your liver, and impairs sperm.
  • Avoid marijuana
  • Avoid smoking tobacco
  • Stress affects sperm because it affects hormones.

Why Trak?

The Trak app makes it easy to understand your risk factors and makes it very personal for you. Using a lifestyle questionnaire that is based on research and data that we know impact male fertility: age weight, diet, stress, etc. There are some required questions and even more optional questions that you can answer to get a deeper understanding. Based on your answers the app will give you a score in 6 major areas:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Overall Health and Wellness
  • Stress
  • Heat
  • Toxins

You can also log your results from the Trak system or from a clinical analysis. The app breaks down your results and it gives reference guidelines, explains what they mean, and can tell you where you stand in a cohort of users (with a percentile). After you have entered all your data, it will give you a full detailed report of what you need to work on and will give you some tips for what you can to do to increase your chances of conceiving.

The Trak App also gives over 300 articles of reference material that relate to male fertility. You can look up research regarding health conditions, details on how to talk to your doctor and more articles are being added all the time. It is meant to be a comprehensive source of information for men to understand what impacts their reproductive health.

Where can you get Trak?

Here is a direct link where you can get it:

More resources

The blog “Don’t Cook Your Balls”, is a resource for male fertility, but it is also a community of men working on and learning about their fertility. There is also a section on tech and tools that is men’s reproductive health related. is the place to go to order your kit and to order affordably priced refill tests for longer term needs. Sara is always available for questions or comments: or at www.don’

If you are curious, try it, the app is free! If you are wondering or feel like you need to do something, get started with the questionnaire to find out your risk factors and help your partner out.

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