How to Avoid Miscarriage

How to Avoid Miscarriage

How to avoid miscarriage

Have you recently suffered from one or multiple miscarriages? You are not alone, the rate of miscarriages is high. If you are looking to understand what causes a miscarriage and how to prevent one, check out this week’s Fertility TV, “How to Avoid Miscarriage.”

When it comes to preventing a miscarriage, the most important thing to know is why one happens in the first place!

Here are 6 of the most common causes of a Miscarriage which you need to know to avoid a Miscarriage:

1. Anatomical abnormalities

This is when something is physically wrong in the uterus or reproductive organs. An example is a misshapen uterus. Where the uterus looks like a heart or it is separated. Also an incompetent cervix, this is where the cervix can’t hold the fetus in. You could have large uterine fibroids which prevents the embryo from growing.

2. Genetic causes

Sometimes recurrent miscarriages are due to genetic defects in either the egg or the sperm. Genetically it can be passed down from grandparents or parents an issue that gets passed down. As you age, your cells can start to degenerate which plays a part in Genetic causes in miscarriages.

3. Blood Clotting factors

Blood that is overly thick or has a tendency to clot can cause miscarriages. Some tests can be done to determine if this may be a problem for you, but they need to be performed before pregnancy.

4. Autoimmune based issues or immune-compromised patients

In these cases, when the body gets pregnant, it sees the pregnancy as a foreign object, it tries to push the pregnancy way. This can make it more difficult for the embryo to implant and the pregnancy to stay.

5. Hormone Imbalance

This can be low progesterone which you need a healthy amount to help hold the pregnancy in during the first trimester. Also, High progesterone and thyroid imbalances can cause miscarriages.

6. Environmental factor

Exposure to certain chemicals, drugs, x-rays, etc. may also increase the risk of miscarriage. Some of these factors are work-related, while others may be related to lifestyle. Excess use of alcohol or caffeine and smoking (first- and second-hand) by either partner may impact pregnancy outcome.

Now that you know the Six main causes for a miscarriage, how do you avoid a miscarriage?

Next most important thing to do is to test!

Here is a list of the most common test to do when focusing on preventing a miscarriage:

  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) – This is an x-ray test of the uterus.
  • Autoimmune testing
  • Prothrombin Time – This is a test to see how fast the blood clots
  • Thyroid Panel – Hypothyroidism has been linked to miscarriages during all trimesters.
  • Progesterone – Adequate progesterone levels are critical for maintaining a healthy pregnancy
  • Karyotyping – A type of test to examine chromosomes for genetic issues. This test is best performed on both parents.

Once you know what needs to be addressed with the help of lab work, the next step is to create a plan.

  1. Diet – Need to clean up your diet! With a lot of the above issues, your diet can heavily impact these areas.
  2. Supplements & Herbs – Once you know what is off in your body, often times with a combination of herbs, supplements and diet can help immensely.  
  3. Acupuncture – I have found this to be tremendously beneficial for patients that have recurrent miscarriages.

All of the above is helpful information for you to know where to start, but I do not recommend you doing this on your own. I suggest you connect with a fertility expert to guide you through this process. Looking for a Fertility Expert, click here to talk to me today! 

Fertility Testing

Want to find out for yourself what’s not letting you get pregnant and what to do about it? Then take these tests! These female hormone tests, ovarian reserve tests and other tests are the first start. They will be able to shed some light on what is going on with your reproductive and hormonal health, and fertility.

You order them online and take them from home – and receive the results 5 days later. If you’d like help understanding your results and finding out what they mean and what you should do, you should book a consultation with myself or one of my incredible Fertility Experts to have them reviewed and a fertility plan created for you.


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