How Nataly Got Pregnant After Two Years TTC

How Nataly Got Pregnant After Two Years TTC

How Nataly Got Pregnant After Two Years TTC

Are you trying to get pregnant and no success for up to 2 years? Do you have extremely painful periods and no prior pregnancy? Meet my patient Nataly who got pregnant after trying for two years! You could be the next Fertility success story! Here her story and how she got pregnant after 2 years TTC.

Meet Nataly

  • Age: 34-year-old female
  • Nationality: American
  • How long were she been trying to get pregnant: 2 years
  • Fertility Condition: Severe menstrual cramps and pain
  • Fertility Data: 
  • No previous pregnancies
  • What did she do before seeing The Fertility Expert’s Team:
             > Tracked ovulation on App
             > Took medication to manage pain
  • Who was her case manager from The Fertility Expert’s Team? Lonika Misra

Nataly’s Fertility Journey

Nataly came to me after trying to conceive for 2 years with no prior pregnancies. Her main complaint was severe pain during her menstrual cycle; excruciating abdominal cramps two days before her period and on the first day of her cycle.

Nataly was keeping track of her cycle using a phone app, tracking when she was ovulating. Her cycles were regular, at 29 days, and aside from her severe pain during her period, everything looked good. Nataly had no other major health issues, except for severe back pain due to a car accident several years prior.

After our first session, I asked her to get lab work done by her OB/GYN. Her doctor dismissed her pain, and handed her a pamphlet on endometriosis and suggested she see a fertility doctor. Nataly was devastated by this news and upset that she did not feel heard in her appointment with her OB/GYN. But, she reluctantly scheduled a consultation with a fertility doctor to have an assessment done.

Lab Work Diagnosis: 

Nataly’s labs indicated slightly elevated estrogen and otherwise looked great.  Her diet could use some improving, and her blood sugar was not regulated. She also had inflammation in her body.  What seemed to be the biggest obstacle was now her emotions, she had become more stressed by the OB/GYN appointment, which left her feeling as if she would never be able to conceive naturally.  

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What did The Fertility Expert’s Team personalized fertility plan for Nataly?

Lonika first off assured Nataly that we see several patients with endometriosis who were able to conceive naturally. And, we did not know that she even had endometriosis, since the only way to confirm is by doing a laparoscopy.

Lonika had Nataly start checking her basal body temperature to track her ovulation effectively, since the app was predicting ovulation based on her cycle, but could not confirm.

We cleaned up her diet and did the Reset Fertility Detox to bring her estrogen levels back into range. We worked on balancing her blood sugar, decreased inflammation, and gave her supplements to support her fertility and manage the pain with her cycle.

We also worked on mindfulness and working to help manage her stress. One of our highly recommended mindfulness tools Secret to Conception, you can do at home!  This will help you uncover all the elements that stand in your way. The Secret to Conception is an ebook, workbook and audio files that will allow your body to be more fertile and receptive to a healthy conception and pregnancy.

After four cycles her pain had decreased but was still present. I adjusted her supplements and put her on a Chinese herbal formula. We continued treatment.

Nataly emailed me the week before her fertility appointment to inform me she was pregnant!

Meet Lonika, a natural fertility specialist at The Fertility Expert’s Team:

Lonika has been working with Dr. Sklar for the past 5 years. As a member of the San Diego clinic, she is also a case manager for women/couples who need a fertility coach online. Her goal is to guide her patients to overall wellness and healing that is effective as well as attainable.  Lonika believes in forming a strong personal connection with her patients and empowerment is at the core of every treatment plan she puts together with her patients.

She is an advocate for using integrative approaches to healing, and works to incorporate this into her practice. Focusing on acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, in addition to diet and lifestyle modifications and functional medicine has led to significant results for her patients who are struggling with various health issues. Including infertility, autoimmune conditions, migraines, thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, stress and anxiety, and digestive disorders. You can see more her in this video 

Talk with a The Fertility Expert’s Team

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