Are you struggling to stay balanced while trying to get pregnant?

Are you struggling to stay balanced while trying to get pregnant?

Are you struggling to stay balanced while trying to get pregnant?

Struggling to get pregnant can make even the sanest, most rational minded and well-balanced person lose hope. It can slowly start to make you feel like you don’t have any control, that things just aren’t going to work for you and that there’s nothing you can do.

Staying balanced and hopeful is more important than ever for you right now, and here’s how you can do it…

#1 Stop blaming yourself

When things don’t seem to be going to plan, when it feels like you’ve been trying and trying and nothing seems to be working, you’ll eventually hold up a mirror of judgement to yourself and start picking at all of the things you’ve done wrong in the past that have lead you to this moment.

It can be hard to stay positive with month after month of negative pregnancy tests whilst also maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.

It’s important to remember, though, that everything you’ve done in the past was what was right for you at that time. 

Whilst trying for a baby, your relationship to yourself is just as important as your relationship with your partner – especially when going through fertility treatments.

#2 But stay accountable

It’s important not to blame yourself for your current fertility struggles, but be careful not to become unaccountable.

You know that something is up, you know that there are changes you could (and should) be making, but when you’re in that negative headspace of ‘this isn’t going to work’ it can be hard to stay accountable and on track with the promises you’ve set yourself in order to get pregnant.

Staying accountable requires supportive and reliable human connections.

Create a circle of friends and family who are aware of what you’re going through can make sure you do the things you say you’re going to do and offer your support through it.

Join online fertility support groups on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I have helped many of my patients stay accountable through this Facebook group – a community of women whom all motivate one another throughout their fertility journeys.

#3 Figure out which areas of your life are most out of balance

It’s so hard to make positive changes, especially if you don’t even know where to start.

If you’ve been trying for a while and don’t know what’s holding you back, there can be a million questions that pop-up.

“Should I do IVF? Do I need to take hormones? Is it my diet or lifestyle? Is it just me: am I not supposed to be a mom?”

When you don’t know what the problem is that you’re looking for, it’s going to be hard for you to find the right answers. That’s why I created a fertility exercise that I use with all of my patients (that you can do for free, online, here). I use the Fertility Wheel to build a whole picture of their health and unroot any weak areas so I can offer them directed, impactful support.

You need to assess the 12 key areas of your life that have the most impact on your fertility so you can determine whether it’s your diet, lifestyle, hormones, sleep, environment or a combination of things that need to be addressed in order for you to get pregnant.


#4 Get a second opinion

Are you seeing a fertility doctor but still don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere? It’s hard to stay hopeful when even the professionals don’t seem like they’re helping you get any closer.

If it feels like you’re leaving the doctor’s office with more questions than when you arrived, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a second opinion. Every fertility case is different and unique – make sure you’ve found an expert who can best support you with your particular case.

It can sometimes take a little research, but there are ways you can build a Fertility Dream team that will take away the stress and help you get pregnant.

We also have a team of online fertility experts that can make you a holistic, healthy fertility plan – and we’re just a phone call away from you.

During your 60 minute online fertility consultation with myself, or my team of natural fertility experts, you’ll get all the fertility support you need. We’ll review your case, give you recommendations and create a next steps for a personalized pregnancy plan.

See if you qualify for a HOPE consultation call by clicking here.

#5 Change your mindset, keep believing, keep learning

Just like those wonderful ladies in the video, keep trying and keep believing in yourself because you will get pregnant.

I know how hard it can be. When you want nothing more than to get pregnant, every cycle can seem to stretch out into an eternity. But you have to stay patient with yourself. Give yourself time to address the root causes of your infertility and make changes.

Take control of your own treatment alongside your doctors and use the abundance of free information online to learn how to nurture your body naturally to make it more fertile.

I have an abundance of free advice and tips available on my YouTube series: Fertility TV as well as on my blog. You can sign up to receive this by signing up to my newsletter, for free, here:


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