From Infertility to Pregnant with Twins

It felt like it was finally the right time for Christiane and her husband to start trying for a baby.

They’d been in a long distance relationship for a few years, and concentrating all of their time on their studies and careers – and that’s okay.

Christiane is now 36, and she and her husband feel like it’s the perfect time for them to start their family.

They tried and tried for a baby. But it didn’t seem to be working. She took the trip to her gynecologist but the advice she recieved was that everything was fine and that she should just keep trying. But something didn’t feel right.

Christiane and her husband decided to go to a fertility clinic. Again, her blood work and his sperm count all came up clear… everything appeared to be ‘normal’.

Yet, they wasn’t getting pregnant?

They endured through 2 unsuccessful inseminations with the fertility clinic. Christiane was getting stressed with work and felt as though she wasn’t getting enough information or support from her doctors. It was only after her own research and suggestion to her doctor that the clinic scheduled her a laparoscopy and discovered that both of her tubes were blocked.

She started with thoughts that may be familiar to some of you reading this. How could this happen? Why me?

Despite the fact that her tubes were blocked, her AMH levels were still okay. She decided to start IVF (and she was pretty sure it would work for her). But, in fact, IVF success rates can vary depending on multiple factors (it’s not always guaranteed to be 100% successful).

She went through two rounds of IVF with no success, then started to look to the internet for more support and guidance. So far, she wasn’t doing anything more than the ‘medical stuff’ her doctors had instructed her to do. She wanted to know how to make her IVF successful.

Through Fertility TV, she learned about the powers of acupuncture, acupressure and chinese medicine, as well as the importance of a mind-body balance and positive visualisation. It motivated her to seek out a fertility doctor (and eventually a new IVF clinic) that were right for her and could properly attend to her individual needs.

Christiane, during an interview with my team, said (and I couldn’t agree more): “You need to feel confident. If you feel that things aren’t going right then you need to look for something else. Don’t just believe everything the doctor says, listen to your instinct.

She decided to take a 6-month break from trying to take care of herself, listen to her body, even take a vacation with her husband. She found a new gynecologist and a different clinic that had a different approach, more appropriate approach to her treatment.

When she went for her 3rd round of IVF, she received amazing news… she was pregnant with twins!

Although Christiane had a medical background, it was hard for her to say what was right and what could help her. She needed someone who could support her and who knew what they were doing.

She stressed to me how important it was for her to be able to talk about it to friends.

“It’s good to talk to other women and know that you’re not alone. Now I feel like I can give advice myself.”

The more she talked about it, the more people she met who had been trying too.

I always talk about how important community and support are throughout the fertility journey. No one should have to go through infertility alone.



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