Staying Accountable When Trying to Get Pregnant

We may talk a lot about “Accountability”.  How can you hold yourself accountable to making the changes that you say you want to make? In this Fertility TV Episode let’s talk about how to stay accountable when trying to get pregnant.

When I see patients locally, in my clinics, it’s a lot easier to keep them accountable. They come in to the clinic, I see them regularly, and when they commit to something, I check in with them. I keep them accountable to their word and what they need to do to get to the end goal – a healthy pregnancy.

It is much harder when we work with patients from all over the world. They aren’t seeing us in the clinic on a regular basis. They don’t speak to us on a regular basis. One way I am able to do that with non-local patients is email. I send out regular emails to stay in touch, check on their progress, make sure they are checking in with me. But most often, we need more than that.

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This journey requires more of that human touch, human conversation.  And I have a few tips for you on how to achieve that:

  • Create a circle of friends and familyAsk them to hold you accountable.  It could be your partner, best friend, you mom.  No matter who it is, ask them to keep you accountable to the things you say you’re going to do. 
  • Another way I have helped patients create a circle of peers for accountability is through my Facebook group.  This is an online community of women who keep each other accountable.  It is a community that is growing every day, but it is a tight group.  

I make motivational posts every week.  I post tips every week.  I am actively involved in the group and help keep members accountable and moving in the right direction.  But, I am also there for you.  There to help answer your questions.  There to give you the support you need.  And the group does that together as a whole on a regular basis.

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I am happy to work with you and be an accountability partner; keeping you on track with doing what you need to do to improve your fertility and get pregnant fast

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