Let’s talk about love – Interview with Code to Wellness and The Fertility Expert

Let’s talk about love – Interview with Code to Wellness and The Fertility Expert

For this week’s Fertility TV Episode I’ll be talking with Delfina from Code of Wellness. Watch the video to see how discussed how love affects our health, wellness, and fertility. One of the major impacts on our lives is not just who we love, but what we love. Start filling your life with joy, happiness, and love to increase your wellness.


LOVE means so many different things.

When we think about love, or talk about love, it can mean a lot of different things.  In this week’s Fertility TV episode, we aren’t talking about the epic love in “The Notebook”, or the deep love you have between you and your partner.  We will be talking about the love you have for yourself and for the things that you are doing in your life.

I speak with Delfina of Code to Wellness, and we dig into what brings us joy, why might it allude us, and how does it affect your fertility? Watch the video and dig into self love and its effects in fertility


Some Words from Delfina – The Code to Wellness:

“On a blazing hot summer day in 2009 I found myself in my yoga instructor’s dingy basement, lying atop my faded blue mat, sweating my ovaries off.

I was in Savasana pose trying desperately to clear my “monkey-mind” of ALL-the-things instead finding that my brain was ceaselessly shouting the question “what do you love?!” back at me like over and over again.

Those last 5 minutes meditating on the mat were far from peaceful, but I did take something very important away from it all: to never stop asking myself “what do you love?”.

You see, over the past seven or so years that I’ve been working with people to reclaim their health and their bodies, I’ve noticed the thing that can make or break someone’s path, or for that matter, their life is whether or not they’re participating in activities they truly love. Because when they’re not doing that thing or those things, the intrinsic motivation to stick with other healthy habits, like addicting yourself from sugar, for instance, get’s lost and we begin to ask ourselves a very different question, “what’s the point?”.

Without a doubt, the pleasure we get from doing the things that we love fuels our drive for further self-development, especially when it comes to our health and our bodies.”

So, without further ado, let’s dive a little further into this top with this interview, shall we?

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About Delfina – The Code to Wellness:

Delfina is the spirited nutrition coach, movement educator, recipe developer and alternative health blogger behind alternative health/wellness information-hub, Code to Wellness.  Basically, she helps people reclaim their health and thrive in their bodies using self-care systems that allow them to overcome the struggle with weight, sugar cravings, hormone imbalance, and movement related issues successfully & sustainably.(a friend even recently dubbed her ‘The Body Whisperer’!).
Experience has taught her that in order to live YOUR Code to Wellness (aka CTW), the 3 pillars of upon which it’s founded – real food, movement, and mindset – can’t be separated from each other. She guides clients to their CTW via her #eatmovethink method which stands for: EAT real food. MOVE every day. THINK happy thoughts.
When she’s not in “kitchen-experimenter + food-photographer” mode, she enjoys teaching Yoga Tune Up®, playing 90’s rock covers on her acoustic guitar, and walking barefoot. She also loves to nerd-out on all things dragon, hobbit, and magical realm-related.
You can drop her a line over at www.codetowellness.com or via the Official Code to Wellness Community – Code to Wellness: Feeling Damn Good in Your Own Skin.Reach out! She’s super friendly and wants to hear from you.


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