Why IVF is not a garantee for pregnancy

I often find that most patients are not informed enough about IVF.  Their expectations are a little bit skewed.  Most think that IVF means a guaranteed pregnancy.  And unfortunately, that is not necessarily true. During this week’s Fertility TV Episode I’ll tell you all about IVF







IVF is NOT a guarantee for pregnancy.

IVF was created specifically to help couples who could not get pregnant and who have physical issues that interfere with their ability to get pregnant.  Over the years that technology has improved to increase rates.  But it is not anywhere near 100%.

Most success rates nationally are low.  In 2013 the success rates for a woman over 40 were: less than 30% chance of getting pregnant and less than 20% chance of delivering a baby with a fresh IVF cycle, and a 40% chance of getting pregnant and less than 30% chance of delivering with a frozen IVF cycle.  

Why age 40 or above?  Most women and couples who are using IVF are usually older, they choose to move faster to IVF since they are wanting to conceive faster.

It can take upwards of 3 IVF cycles, plus more transfers, for most patients to get pregnant.

Broadening our expectations can help us understand what we are getting into.  This is a process, a lot goes into it, it can be very stressful on you, your relationships, and your body.

You need as much support as you can get. If you need a natural fertility specialist to help you on your IVF cycle with an Assited Reproductive Clinic,  I’ve walked hundreds of couples through IVF cycles, I can help prepare you for what to expect.  I can also help increase your chances of success.

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What are the keys to make sure your body is ready to for an IVF?

Key to IVF success #1

One of the keys is to make sure your body is ready to handle and receive a transfer.  Taking time, 3 or 4 months, to prepare yourself.  I can help you clean up your diet, clean up your lifestyle, support yourself with proper nutrients, nutrition and supplements.

Key to IVF Success #2

You can also take that time to work on your relationship with your partner to make sure it is as strong as possible.  This ensures that as you approach those stressful times in your IVF cycle, you are ready to handle it, both emotionally and physically.

Key to IVF Success #3

Find the right doctors! Find the best fertility specialist, who understand your journey and your needs. Not every Assisted Reproductive clinics are the same. Not every doctor is the same. Not every couple going through IVF is the same. Make this journey YOURS. Ask around.(You might know this already, but just in case… I do NOT perform IVF or IUI,  I’m not an IVF doctor. I can support your during your IVF journey though! Helping you getting your body ready, finding the best fertility IVF clinic where you are, providing my guidance and emotional support… I’m a natural fertility doctor but I support your journey to motherhoow whichever it is. I work with many many patients going through IVF, helping them increase their success chances)

Key to IVF Success #4

Find support. Don’t go through this alone. Sometimes, even your partner is not enough… Having the right support group is key for emotional roller coasters like this. This is my private (and secret for anyone who is not in it) Facebook group. If you need to find others going through the same, come join us! It’s free :))

EXTRA Key to IVF Success #5

Download my best fertility resource… ever!! More than +2500 ladies have it already! The Home Remedies Guide will help you supercharge fertility naturally during your IVF cycle. I go over my favorite fertility techniques you can do at home to improve fertility…starting today! You can get it here. 


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Marc Sklar works with couples who have struggled to achieve pregnancy and has been doing so for over 15 years. As the Fertility Expert, Marc has a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Marc received his training at the prestigious Harvard Medical School – Mind/Body Medical Institute. Dr. Sklar co-authored Secret to Conception and created two informative fertility websites, ReproductiveWellness.com and MarcSklar.com. We hope you have the opportunity to visit our websites and learn more about our team, our methods, conditions we treat and explanations to many frequently asked fertility questions. Marc is married with two boys currently living in San Diego. He is ready to help if your goal is to start a family!