How the Birth Control Pill is Killing your Fertility

In my practice there is a question that frequently comes up: Birth control? When is it appropriate? And can I or should I take it to help with fertility? Watch this Fertility TV to find out what my take on the birth control pill is.

A lot of OB/GYNs are suggesting that their patients take the pill in order to treat their fertility.

In my opinion, the only time you should be on birth control, when you are actively trying to conceive, is when you are doing insemination – IUI or IVF – because you may need help to regulate and control your cycles in preparation for a stimulation cycle.  Outside of that, I believe that using the pill in conjunction with fertility and conception is inappropriate.  

A recent research study showed that the increased use of the birth control pill has been correlated with an increase in depression in women.  It is not an ideal tool if we don’t absolutely need it.  For the most part it is being used as a crutch instead of getting to the root of the problem.

What is the problem?  Are you trying to regulate hormones?  Let’s get to the reason your hormones need to be regulated.  Let’s fix that first! I feel that there is an overuse of birth control pills. It really isn’t an ideal way to regulate hormones, especially in the long term.  It is best to correct the imbalance and birth control pills are a temporary fix.


It is important for all of us to take control and responsibility for our health.  In order to do that we first need to find the issues and address them.  

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If you have PCOS and you were told you need the pill to regulate your cycles, it will do that.  But you can’t get pregnant while taking the pill, and often, as soon as you go off the pill, your cycles become irregular again.

This can be like having an open wound and only using a small bandage to keep it from bleeding and thinking that will correct the problem.  Once you remove the bandage, the wound is still there because you haven’t corrected the reason for the bleeding.

We really want to find the “why” and figure it out!

How can you figure out what’s going on with your hormones and cycles?

Get tested #1

I’ve said this many many times. Know your numbers, get tested, keep investigating. If you obgyn or fertility doc does not give you answers, find a different one. There is always a reason

Go Natural #2

Your body is your temple. In my opinion, we need to get it back in track in the most natural way. Read your body signals and go back to basics… how is your sleep, are you eating whole based foods, how are your stress levels, are you enjoying life…?

Understand your fertile signs #3

I’ve shared different videos on how to understand your body, BBT and chart reading. If you want me or one of my team experts to review what your fertility looks like, we’d love to help. Go to “Work with me” and find what program works best for you.

Key to IVF Success #4

Find support. Don’t go through this alone. Sometimes, even your partner is not enough… Having the right support group is key for emotional roller coasters like this. This is my private (and secret for anyone who is not in it) Facebook group. If you need to find others going through the same, come join us! It’s free :))

EXTRA Key to Success #5

Download my best fertility resource… ever!! More than +2500 ladies have it already! The Home Remedies Guide will help you supercharge fertility naturally. I go over my favorite fertility techniques you can do at home to improve fertility…starting today! You can get it here. 


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Marc Sklar works with couples who have struggled to achieve pregnancy and has been doing so for over 15 years. As the Fertility Expert, Marc has a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Marc received his training at the prestigious Harvard Medical School – Mind/Body Medical Institute. Dr. Sklar co-authored Secret to Conception and created two informative fertility websites, and We hope you have the opportunity to visit our websites and learn more about our team, our methods, conditions we treat and explanations to many frequently asked fertility questions. Marc is married with two boys currently living in San Diego. He is ready to help if your goal is to start a family!