How to support implantation naturally

How to support implantation naturally

How to support implantation naturally

Are you trying to get pregnant naturally? Do you want to support the implantation process using natural methods? Have you been prone to pregnancy loss in the past? Read on for my key 3 fertility tips to support a healthy implantation.

Implantation is a magical process.

This part of pregnancy is the part that our body does that we have very little knowledge about – or very little influence over.

Without implantation, pregnancy cannot happen. It’s one of the most important pieces in this complex puzzle of creation. 

Despite all of the things we can work on to control on our fertility journey (either naturally or through IUI or IVF) – implantation is still that one piece that your body has to do on its own. 

It’s an intricate process that usually either works or fails in your first trimester. It can often be the missing link for women who have been struggling to get pregnant. 

If you’ve suffered with pregnancy loss in the past or are prone to miscarriage, it could be implantation that’s not working for you.

So if implantation is the key to a healthy pregnancy – what can you do to support this process?

Menstruation is the key

Your menstruation speaks volumes about how likely you are to have a healthy implantation after conception.

After you have sex and your egg is fertilized, it needs to travel up and find a cozy spot in your healthy uterus to attach to. 

Healthy menstruation = a good likelihood of implantation happening. If you have a healthy menstrual cycle, it means there’s a higher likeliness that there will be a cozy spot for this implantation to occur in.

You’re looking for a good healthy bleed every month, lasting 3-5 days and being heavier in the beginning. This bleed should have no clots and minimal pain. 

Often, addressing problems with your menstrual cycle can be a way to improve your chances for a healthy implantation.

Fertility tip #1 – Support your immune system

Your immune system plays an important role in your overall health.

It is designed by default to react to (and defend itself from) anything foreign that occurs in your body. If your immune system is not working the way it should be, it can sometimes even react to a fetus. 

From the point of view of your immune system, rejection is the logical response. Everything needs to be working properly so that your body knows to ‘tolerate’ the process of implantation.

You need to ensure your immune system isn’t hypersensitive and isn’t going to react to a fetus. 

Fertility tip #2 – Reduce stress

We all know that increased stress = an increased risk of miscarriage. We often discuss with our patients how stress impacts their fertility.

…We also know it’s much easier said than done.

It’s not just as easy as saying ‘stop being stressed’, ‘relax’ or ‘calm down’. (And often these well-intended words only serve to aggravate you more).

Facing issues of infertility can be mentally taxing and exhausting. The stress of not being able to get pregnant adds on to any stress you’re already carrying in other areas of your life, and only makes it harder for you to get pregnant.

Learning new ways to control and manage your stress is key to a healthy mind balanced with a healthy body. 

Stress also directly impacts your menstrual cycle (remember: your menstrual cycle is a key component in supporting implantation).

BONUS TIP: One of my favorite methods of stress management…

Have you ever tried acupuncture? Or have you heard of acupressure?

This at-home acupressure kit is designed to activate the same points for fertility that I use in my clinics. 

I love acupressure because it helps to regulate the nervous system and the body’s stress response and increase blood flow to the uterus.

With this acupressure home kit, you can slip into your own fertility haven in the quiet of your own home. 

Seeds for Fertility comes with a user guide for your specific symptoms and this case will show you all the points you need to use to help you relieve stress. 

In addition to the guide, I have created videos to go along with the packet that you can follow for optimal results. Get your “Seeds for Fertility” Here!

Fertility tip #3 – Control your exercise

During the 2 week wait where your body prepares for pregnancy (the luteal phase). That time where you’re waiting to take a pregnancy test…it’s not the time for intense or extreme exercise.

Ask yourself: if you were pregnant, would you be doing this? If your answer is no, and you wouldn’t do it whilst being pregnant, then you shouldn’t do it before.

The Pineapple Myth? True or False?

I often get asked this question: do pineapples help with implantation?

It’s an old wives tale that many of you might have read about or heard about. 

However, I’ve looked and looked through the research and can’t seem to find anything substantial to back up this grand claim from pineapples.

Do I think it’s dangerous for you to eat pineapples after ovulation? Not necessarily. But I wouldn’t overdo it as it will absolutely cause an upset stomach – and I don’t know how much it will actually help you.

If you do want to eat the pineapple – make sure you’re eating the core and eating it in moderation.

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