Do you need Bed Rest after IVF or IUI?

If you are getting ready for an IVF transfer and you have been told you need bed rest… here are my thoughts on bed rest. – Let me know your thought on the comment area!  – Marc 

I do have some recommendations to help your IVF transfer being more successful thought:
– Just AFTER the transfer: Take it easy! Go home, stay positive and relax.
– Days after: don’t do anything tenuous BUT do not stay horizontal for 2-3 days! Your blood needs to move normally.
– Don’t be on your feet for extended periods of time, but DO move a little. (from bed to the couch, go to the bathroom when needed, incorporate for lunch and dinner,…)
– Stay positive and laugh!
Watch this video for 5 tips for a successful IVF

There is no proven research study to support that if a patient keeps bed rest after and IVF or IUI transfer, the embryo transfer is going to be more successful.

Different countries have different after IVF routines. Let’s say than here is the US, it has become common to suggest bed rest after assisted reproductive techniques, just because. My thought is that bed rest is not as important as we want to believe it is.

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