How to increase male testosterone

How to increase male testosterone

How to increase male testosterone

Is your testosterone low? Do you need some tips to increase it? Check out this week’s episode to learn exactly how you can do that…

Here is the one question I often get from my male patients: “Can you increase male testosterone?”

If you have low testosterone, it’s important that you address and fix it – as male fertility is equally as important as female fertility when trying for a baby.

Initially, my answer is yes – there’s a lot of things we can do to increase male testosterone. Some of which are better than others.

Should you supplement for low testosterone?

The common logical mindset for my patients with low testosterone is that if they supplement with testosterone then that should take care of it. 

And they wouldn’t be completely wrong…

Yes, supplementing will increase testosterone levels. However, if you’re trying to get pregnant and you’re on a fertility journey with your wife, then taking testosterone will kill your sperm. Therefore, supplementing is NOT the appropriate treatment when trying to conceive

If you’re not trying to get pregnant, it’s a fine solution. But if you are, then it’s not the avenue that you go down.

There are other things, though, that you can do instead. As I’m a natural fertility expert, I have a preference for holistic solutions. 

These are the 3 techniques I use with my low testosterone patients:

#01: Weight lifting

Endurance training and resistance training – like weightlifting can help to stimulate testosterone production. 

The more you strain your muscles, the more testosterone you will produce.

Exercise can also help to manage weight and control fitness – two other key factors that influence your testosterone levels. 

So why not take up weight lifting? It’s an easy way to address a big problem – and it promotes a healthier and therefore happier and more fertile body.

It’s not going to get you from zero to hero, but it’s still a good tool to use and something you should absolutely do!

#02 Sleep

Sleep is so important! For any and all health issues – sleep is a non-negotiable priority. Sleep is such a gigantic factor for any health condition, your fertility included.

I have a long list of patients who have come in with low testosterone who also have a long history of insomnia and sleep disorders. 

Time and time again, I’ve seen a correlation between insomnia/ lack of sleep and low testosterone.

That’s why with all of my patients who come in with sleep problems and low testosterone, one of the things we’ll work on is to get your sleep back on track.

Once your sleep hygiene has been improved, hopefully you body can rest, recover, rejuvenate… and hopefully it will lead to higher testosterone.

#03 Maca

Maca root is an infamous plant that originates in Peru.

One of its amazing benefits is that it can boost fertility and increase testosterone levels. 

Maca is a supplement you can take – and should. It’s an amazing supplement that helps tremendously with testosterone enhancement and one that I always recommend to my patients.

The quality of Maca supplements, however, can vary greatly. That’s why there’s only one that I recommended to my patients. You can find out which Maca supplement is my recommended by clicking here. 


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