Best Sexual Positions to Get Pregnant

Best Sexual Positions to Get Pregnant

Best sexual positions and timing to get pregnant

One of the biggest questions we get asked often is about sexual positions and timing of intercourse because obviously, if we can do that better and more efficiently we can increase our success rate and get pregnant faster. The one thing that most people don’t understand or recognize is our statistics, our regular rate of conception per month as couples.


Hi I’m Marc Sklar, the fertility expert and today we are talking about sexual positions and timing of intercourse which is one of the biggest questions we get asked online all the time. So if you are ready to improve your fertility then keep reading and watch this video on sexual position and timing of intercourse.

Some Facts about Fertility

Our best chance of conceiving as a couple is in our late teens to early to mid-20 and at best we have a 25-30% chance of getting pregnant. You need a minimum of four months to give yourself the optimal chances of getting pregnant. As a human species and as a population of individuals who try to conceive, we are very inefficient at doing that.

When I ask this question to patients they usually say “Oh, we have an 80% or 60% of getting pregnant,” which is not the reality. As we age that percentage goes down,  so we need to do everything we can to increase our chances and to give ourselves the best opportunity every given cycle.

WHEN To Have Sex To Get Pregnant

When it comes to timing, what we need to discuss is how we’re doing this in conjunction with the regular menstrual cycle. So if you have a regular 28-30 days menstrual cycle, you are ovulating somewhere in the middle, let’s just say somewhere between day13 and 16 of your menstrual cycle.

If you are doing that then what I recommend to patients is that you count 5 days before ovulation and two days after and you have a 7-day window, if you want to extend it a little bit to 8 days you can, and you’re going to start try and you’re going to have intercourse every other day for that window of 7-8 days.

This is assuming that semen is healthy, all normal variables and normal parameters. Some of my recommendations would change if we have an abnormal semen analysis in some way. So with all those variables being normal then 5-6 days before we start trying every other day through ovulation.

I do like to go a day or two after ovulation for some of those to catch it just in case it is a little bit late and some of us sperm swim faster or sperm swim slow so giving opportunities on both ends of the spectrum. Additionally, if your timing is every other day and you ovulate on an off day, if you want to add that day in you absolutely can, assuming again that your semen analysis is normal.

FAQ about timing sex

“Can we or do we need to have multiple intercourse per day?” The answer to that is no, it is not necessary. I mean, certainly if you want to, by all means, I am all for more sex and better sex; that’s fine. But there is not a need to that as it will not increase your chances and actually, you want to give time for the semen to regenerate. So having too much intercourse might be detrimental as well so I don’t typically recommend that when I’m talking to patients.

Supplements for healthier eggs and uterine health 

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BEST Sexual Positions to Get Pregnant Faster

# Consider your Womb Position:

If you have ever had a private exam or a pap smear done usually what they are also looking at, very briefly, is the position of your cervix. Typically, most Obgyns will mention if they, on observation, that your cervix is mal-positioned in some way whether it is anterior or retroverted. But they are times when they don’t bring it up because it’s not uncommon for them to see it and it is also not a big deal for OB/GYNs.

How to know if your cervix/uterus are in the proper position? Sometimes you have to ask a little bit further like “Does my cervix look healthy? Is it in the normal position?” You need to pry a little bit to get that information. Either way, our opinion when you are trying naturally is that the position of your cervix will affect natural conception, and by that I mean we can improve the ability to conceive naturally by picking or choosing certain positions of intercourse.

If your cervix is positioned normally, it is a straight angle through the vaginal canal. During penetration and ejaculation, it is a straight shot into the cervix which is right here. If that is the case then sexual position, you should be able to enjoy yourself in any position you like and really, the position shouldn’t matter dramatically.

Uterus Positions: The biggest time where it does matter is when your cervix is mal-positioned; if it has shifted forward anteriorly or backwards so it is retroverted. That’s where position of intercourse will make a difference. The easiest way for me to tell you which position is the best position is if the position is actually uncomfortable. If the position is uncomfortable during penetration then that means you are hitting the cervix more directly and with that is actually the ideal position because during ejaculation they’re going to ejaculate straight into the opening.

Now, there is not a lot of room for ejaculation to go, but again any opportunity to increase your success rate and chances, the more we will take it. If it is shifted forward or back, if during intercourse and penetration it hurts and it is uncomfortable for you then that is the position that would be recommending. It is not something I normally recommend for you to be uncomfortable at any time, especially during intercourse, but that is the ideal position and ideally you would only be doing that during ovulation.

How to change your uterus alignment? 

Maya or abdominal massage is fantastic to reposition internal organs.  Find a local practitioner who has experience performing them! In the online ecourse My Fertility School I teach you how you can do it at home. My Fertility School is an innovative, step-by-step online program to help you on your fertility journey. Click here for all the details

The other question in relationship to position that gets brought up is “Do I have to raise my hips after intercourse?” Absolutely not. Do I think it hurts? No, but do I think it helps? No. You don’t have to put a pillow underneath your hips and raise your hips and you don’t have to stand on your head or anything like that; it’s really not necessary. What I would say is it is very natural for some of the semen to come out after intercourse and it doesn’t mean that the sperms have come out with it. If you do want to lay on your back or rest there for a little bit, maybe a couple of minutes to 5 minutes, it is totally fine. But anything beyond that I don’t think is necessary.


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