What is a Fertility Coach?

What is a Fertility Coach?

What is a Fertility Coach?

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months and are frustrated with the answers you get from your OBGYN, you need a fertility coach.


I’ve found that the work of a fertility coach can provide the kind of support and guidance your traditional doctors are often reluctant to give to you. 

This is not because traditional doctors are wrong or don’t do a good job! It’s just that traditional doctors focus more on the ‘black and white’, and follow research driven protocols that have been followed by fertility doctors for years (and for good reason). Nobody goes to a doctor’s office to receive a diet plan and some lifestyle advice. Right or wrong as it may be, it’s just simply not how it’s done and doesn’t work in that setting. 

If a doctor who you’ve paid $$$$ gives holistic over medical advice, many patients would leave feeling like they haven’t done a thorough enough job. 


The kind of advice you get from a fertility coach is priceless and crucial; the holistic approach to your fertility combined with traditional medical practices can save you a lot of time, money and emotional agony in the long run

If you’re sitting here reading this today, it’s probably because you’ve already realised this. Now you are looking for answers on how you can treat your body naturally and how you can change your diet and lifestyle so that it will heal your fertility and not hinder it.

OBGYN’s often don’t use the same tools as what you can expect from a fertility coach. They don’t have many treatment options beyond that of IVF.

For some couples, IVF is the answer to their needs and can be an amazing tool for their fertility. However, there are many couples who are being steered towards IVF treatment too early in their journey; before other options have been offered/fully considered.

A fertility coach can help you to understand those options, and guide you on whether or not they are suitable to your individual needs and on your particular fertility journey. They can empower you with knowledge of natural techniques and holistic therapies that can give your body the fuel it needs to heal itself.

Everything in the body is connected – your fertility is relying on you being at the healthiest and strongest you can be (with all other medical conditions and issues being addressed). A fertility coach will consider your whole body and mind when creating a plan for you; to help ensure that everything is in balance so that conception, a healthy implantation and a healthy pregnancy can occur.

Think about it…

~ You get better gym results with a personal coach

~ You get better exam results with a good personal tutor

~ Everything is empowered by quality one-on-one education. Your fertility is no different. 


Who should seek the help of a fertility coach? If you’ve been experiencing any sort of fertility blocks, a fertility coach is a good place to seek help and support. 

However, if you’ve been experiencing any of the below, I highly recommend booking a complimentary discovery call with a fertility coach (most will offer and they’re free). In a discovery call, you can give more details on your case and together you can decide whether or not their treatment plans are suitable before you BEFORE making any commitments. There should never be any obligations.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Have you been trying for 6+ months?
  • Do you want to learn the ways you can empower your own body (and therefore your fertility) through natural methods?
  • Have you been told by your OBGYN they cant do anything yet (after just 1 miscarriage or after only X months trying)?
  • Have you been told to do IVF and you’re not sure you want to go there yet?
  • Have you had a failed IVF cycle and feel like there is something missing?
  • Do you suffer with PCOS, endometriosis or another fertility condition and feel like you aren’t getting the answers you need?
  • Do you value nutritional, lifestyle and holistic advice and want to combine them with medical practices for your approach to pregnancy?
  • Do you need emotional support as well as medical support, so you can keep your mind and body in balance and keep the beauty in your journey to motherhood?


Coaches can address all of the needs listed above and more!

Some coaches specialize in specific fields like Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Therapy. My specialty is in Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine; combining the practices of medicine and holistic therapies to create an empowered pathway towards your pregnancy by understanding your reproductive health and learning the natural ways you can assist your body into healing itself. (I’ll talk more about my speciality and how I got into Chinese medicine and fertility further down the post).

Here is the purpose of every good fertility coach;

A fertility coach can help you create a personalized fertility plan to help you get pregnant faster by…

  • Finding out what’s not letting you get pregnant by testing for the root cause of your infertility.
  • Seeing your infertility as a symptom of an underlying issue and not an untreatable condition.
  • Treating your body as a whole; looking at every physical aspect of your body and empowering both your physical, spiritual and mental health.
  • Providing avenues of testing and help you to understand your lab work and what’s happening in your body/ how it’s influencing your fertility.
  • Supporting you throughout your journey and checking on you to adapt the plan to your needs.
  • Helping you deal with and learn better ways to manage stress and balance work/life.
  • Inviting you into their community of other people who share similar stories.


For those of you who don’t know me and who are landing on my website for the first time, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Dr. Marc Sklar – otherwise known in my online communities as ‘The Fertility Expert’ – and I’m a Natural Fertility Specialist

I lead a team of fertility specialists spread across my San Diego clinics as well as on my online programs. Our shared mission is to help you BELIEVE in your fertility and EMPOWER your body to CREATE a healthy pregnancy by supporting you on your journey to motherhood.

I talk about ‘belief’ a lot, not just here today but in my online webinars, my Facebook and Instagram feeds and on my Fertility TV episodes. 

I’m a huge advocate for fertility empowering affirmations that start with the words ‘I believe’

This is because I believe that all avenues of fertility treatment must always start with the belief that they’re going to work so that our bodies can respond to treatment in the ways it needs to. 

There is plenty of research out there to confirm the importance of mind-body approaches towards fertility. Studies have shown, time and time again, that women who focus on their mind-body connection during their fertility journey will have a much higher chance of conceiving, have fewer miscarriages, better egg retrieval rates, and so much more.

Here’s what I believe in (and what I encourage all of my patients to believe in to);

~ I believe that no one should struggle to get pregnant.

~ I believe you need to choose the best fertility journey for you. Either natural or assisted, with the help of a natural fertility coach or in the more traditional setting of a doctor’s office at a clinic. 

~ I believe that no matter what other doctors may have told you: there is always hope for you.

~ I believe that all women are powerful and fertile. 

Where I came from, how I got into healthcare, and how I got into this speciality specifically…

The drive to lead a life lead with HOPE really began for me in my childhood.

My parents both come from Cuba, and when they came to America they arrived with nothing but hope. My mother describes her experience to me as: I arrived with nothing but the clothes I was wearing and the hope of starting a family with your father.

I have two brothers now; one of which is my identical twin. Genetically, we are about 99% the same. What’s interesting is the 1% difference that made brother the ‘healthy one’ and myself the one who was constantly sick with digestive issues. I literally suffered with every kind of ‘-itis’ under the sun. 

I was taken to all sorts of traditional doctors, but I never received any real sense of hope with each visit. Everything peaked for me when I woke up the day after my twenty-first birthday in hospital, and the doctor said: “I don’t know why you’re here. I don’t know why this is happening to you”. Sound familiar?

From there, I was driven to figure out what was going on, and my search of WHY began. 

During this search, my life changed forever… I discovered Chinese Medicine

The two patients that changed my life and lead to a specialty in Fertility…

During my time as an intern, in my final year of school, two patients really stood out for me.

The first one was a woman. She came in with irregular cycles and we found out that she had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Like me, she was never given any real hope from her traditional doctors. They had no clear answers for her.

I was able to help her through chinese medicine and through changing her diet, lifestyle, mindset. One of the things she shared with me was that she was also trying to get pregnant with PCOS. As anyone who has PCOS will know, getting pregnant with PCOS can be extremely difficult.

She came in one day and told me that she was concerned, as since we’d started working together – for the first time ever – she had missed her period. 

I gave her a pregnancy test… and it was positive! I was so excited for her because not only was I able to help her regain her health, but this also lead to pregnancy!

At the same time, my older brother had called and said he and his wife needed help to get pregnant. I coached them through it and eventually they were pregnant with twins.

By healing myself with Chinese Medicine, I learnt how to heal others… 

The coolest thing about all of this was by helping those patients I was also helping me. And vice versa! And you’ll find that a lot of fertility coaches have their own story about how coaching and learning about their own bodies got them to the career they’re at today.

Through chinese medicine, I got my digestive health back. I was able to help others. And I thought: how amazing and wonderful would it be if I had a career in this? How amazing would it be to take the women who don’t have the hope and restore it, and allow them to turn it into a family?

That’s when my H.O.P.E program was born; a program that combines chinese medicine and functional medicine and turns it into hope and fertility. 


Like discussed above, there are various services that a fertility coach can offer you. 

My specialty is in Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, combining the practices of medicine and holistic therapies to create an empowered pathway towards your pregnancy by understanding your reproductive health and learning the natural ways you can assist your body into healing itself. 

What this work we’ll do together is really about;

~ Learning how to deal with the emotional stress that happens as a result of unexplained infertility. Issues with fertility can be accompanied by stress, anxiety, shame, negative headspace, isolation and even self-hatred – all of which can make it even harder for you to get pregnant. When we work together, we can learn better ways to manage stress so that you can manifest hope and positivity on this beautiful journey towards motherhood.

~ Preparing your body for pregnancy through nutrition, supplementing and lifestyle changes. We all know how important these things are, but it can be hard to know what to do and how to do it (without it all being laid out clearly for you to follow). You receive tons of tips and advice, but you don’t know how much of it is truth and how best to implement the changes in your everyday life. You just need someone who knows what they’re talking about to sit you down and say: “this is what you should do,” so you can go on and do it.

~ Getting that second opinion, reviewing your results and deciding on further investigations. A lot of my patients come to me because they’ve been told to ‘keep trying’ by their traditional doctors and don’t want to wait to start their investigations – they can hear their intuition telling them something is not right. Other patients come because the testing they’ve had done hasn’t given them enough answers and they’re not done searching for the root cause. We can order testing that’s going to help you get a clearer picture of what’s going on so a proper plan can be made for you going forward.

~ Feeling supported. Having a strong support system is crucial to surviving the ups and downs of fertility issues. Experiencing infertility can be very private for most couples, leading to isolation and tensions within your relationship. It can make such a difference to feel heard by someone who gets it and who can give you valuable advice. 

~ Addressing the root cause for your fertility problems, not just treating your symptoms. Together, we can work to get to the bottom of why you’re sitting here reading this in the first place. If you’ve been trying for a long time but aren’t ready to go down the route of IVF yet, you must be feeling like there’s something that’s been missed. We can try to find that together and empower your body using natural and holistic methods first.

~ Conquering your IVF treatment through holistic therapies and naturally supporting your body. By working with a fertility coach who is experienced in IVF treatments, you can also fill in the blanks of your IVF treatment and know how to fully prepare, support and empower your body through the various stages of IVF so that you can increase your success rates.

~ Finding a community that you can connect with and that understands what you’re going through. Humans need other humans. Especially during the difficult periods. You need to feel supported and like you have someone you can talk too. However, this can be hard when it comes to fertility – sometimes the kind of advice you need won’t come from your friends, family or even your partner. Some fertility coaching will also provide group support and connect you with other women who are going through a similar experience and can empathise with you on a personal level. 


Fertility Hope Over 30 Group (6 months of support)

Are you looking to enhance your fertility naturally in your 30’s and beyond? 

You know yourself that there’s no magic spell that will enhance your fertility to 100% – if I only I had a magic wand, fairy dust or secret spell that we all wish existed to fix fertility. But, right now at least, it just doesn’t exist.

That being said, powerful treatment plans do exist. And given the time and attention needed, their results can be magical for you and your fertility dreams.

It can take more than one method to finally get the balance right (and a whole lot of time). But, if you’re over thirty-five, I’m sure time is of the essence right now. You don’t want to wait around to find out what’s happening and what’s blocking you on your fertility journey. You’re ready to take action now; to start doing the things and making the changes required so that you can get pregnant.

Apply to join the FHO30 Group Coaching.

Join a program designed to empower your pathway to motherhood at an Advanced Maternal Age (AMA)

Many of you hit your thirties and slowly but surely the thought: ‘am I too old to get pregnant’?

I’ve worked with many women who have stayed super fertile in their 40’s. It takes information and understanding of your body as it ages, so you can tackle any decline and fuel your body to remain healthy and fertile. 

On this program, we’ll discuss things like how you can improve your AMH as you age, egg quality, ovarian reserve, and all the natural and holistic ways you can empower your fertility in your 30’s and beyond.

This program is by application only (you can apply using the link below). We will only invite you to join after getting to know you a bit better and deciding if this is the right step for you at this point in your fertility journey. We are here to help you and guide you in the best possible way – as we understand how important this is to you. 

Apply to join the FHO30 Group Coaching.

Not sure if an AMA Group Coaching Program is right for you yet?

Why not start with my free Advanced Maternal Age Masterclass, where you can get an idea of the kind of information and advice I talk about with all my AMA patients to help them get pregnant naturally.

Being ‘too old’ is not a good enough reason for infertility – and there’s lots that can be done before reaching this conclusion. Are you ready to get started?

Join the free AMA Masterclass, click here