Why I Don’t Drink Dairy, and You Shouldn’t if Trying to Get Pregnant

Hi, I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the fertility expert, and welcome to The Fertility Blog.

In this post, we’re going to be talking about Detoxing for Fertility. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months and it’s not happening, maybe it’s time to think about a Fertility Detox. Keep reading. I’m going to tell you why I avoid milk, and you should too if you are trying to get pregnant.

I might be dating myself here, but I remember a huge marketing push for milk consumption: “Got Milk?” and everybody had a white milk mustache. It was intended to pull on your heartstrings. And it was from that campaign that Americans started to believe that they needed to be drinking more milk. It was a huge push by the dairy industry, and it was only that, a marketing campaign.

Milk isn’t very good for us.

It actually isn’t any better for us today than it was back then or hundreds of years ago. But we all grew up thinking we needed to drink more milk to be healthy.

Why avoid dairy while trying to get pregnant?

  • Dairy has hormones added to it. This disrupts the hormone balance in the body which is not good for fertility at all.
  • Organic and raw milk is best if you really want to consume any dairy products at all. In general, avoid it, but if you are drinking organic milk or consuming organic and raw dairy, do it in small amounts.
  • Organic raw milk is difficult to digest and hard on the body. It doesn’t really help bone density.

The research doesn’t show that to be true. You can get the same things from other foods that will help build your bones better. We were made to believe that there was more calcium in milk than in anything else. Milk does not have that high of an amount of calcium. You can get it from other foods and combined with vitamin d, it supports bone density and bone health better. 75% of the population of the world cannot digest dairy very well. It is difficult on the body. It is hard on digestion and difficult to metabolize. Hormones. We are exposing ourselves to added hormones and hormone disruptors in our environments and foods already. Consuming dairy is consuming added hormones. If you must drink milk make sure it is raw and organic. Or as an alternative you can also use goat milk. And as a reminder, don’t focus on just milk. Dairy is also cheese. Or in the United States, our other food group, PIZZA! Everyone loves it, but if you are avoiding dairy you may forget that pizza is loaded with cheese. Pizza is the #1 no-no food because it has gluten and dairy.

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