10 Questions you should ask to your Fertility Doctor

10 Questions you should ask to your Fertility Doctor

This week I would like to share with you a list of questions you need to ask your OBGYN or Fertility Doctor.  – Marc 

Remember! You can take control of your fertility. Knowledge is power. My goal is for you is to understand what your body is telling you, so YOU can work on getting pregnant faster.

Sounds good? Great. Let’s do this!

Many Reproductive Endocrinologists (Fertility Doctors) believe that you are visiting them because you want to do IVF.
They can also make you feel like this is the only path for you and if you don’t do this ASAP that your chances of getting pregnant will just continue to decrease in a few short months.

This being said, this is the list of questions I think is important to ask them:


  1. How do you go about trying to locate the source of infertility?
  2. What do you, as a fertility specialist, do?
  3. What should people take into consideration when they first start seeing a fertility specialist?
  4. What concern do you most often hear from patients who are just beginning treatments?
  5. Fertility treatments are usually perceived as scary expensive. What financial considerations should you take into account?
  6. For the complete list of questions (up to 10) watch the video below

With my patients, both at the clinic and online, I follow a very specific protocol to discover the underlying causes for their fertility problem. It is important to understand that getting pregnant can be easy if you know how.

If you have questions you have asked your fertility doctor and you think they can help other women starting their fertility journey, please write them in the comment area below. To take control of your fertility, schedule a consultation here.

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