How to improve sperm when you are trying to get pregnant – Cool your Balls

How to improve sperm when you are trying to get pregnant – Cool your Balls

How to improve sperm when you are trying to get pregnant – Cool your Balls

Hey everyone! This week’s I interviewed Snowballs Underwear! Keep reading and watching to learn more about a very easy and effective way to improve sperm and male fertility. – Let me know your thought on the comment area!  – Marc 

The Forgotten Man
It is often the case that when I start working with couples that my appointments are with the women. I would prefer to have both the partners at the consults but its not always possible or they don’t think its necessary. Men are often over looked when the couples begin the fertility process. It is perceived that because women at the ones who carry the baby that they hold the burden as well when things are not going as planned. If men were tested earlier the path to pregnancy could be faster.

We know due to research that sperm count and quality is affected by heat. The hotter the testicles the more likely for sperm count to decrease the sperm quality to diminish. I was recently introduced to a product that I believe could help reduce scrotal temperature. Snowballs does exactly that. It is a convenient way to cool the testicles and allow men to stay mobile. 35-40% of fertility issues are related to men, and this simple tool could be the answer to your pregnancy.

I come across Snowballs a while ago. I thought it was a brilliant, very easy solution to improve male fertility. (click here to learn more about the product) 

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More About Snowballs Underwear:

Snowballs™ is a scientifically backed, patent-pending cooling underwear that was conceived as a natural fertility aid for men… as well as for all men who wish to benefit from practicing the cooling arts.

Studies have shown that lowering scrotal temperature by even one degree Celsius can increase sperm count and quality, and our convenient, comfortable, organic cotton boxer-briefs are guaranteed to make you cooler. Snowballs™ are a perfect icing solution for:

• male infertility

• vasectomies

• varicoceles

• hydroceles

• spermatoceles

• epididymitis

• athletic injuries

Each order of Snowballs™ includes two pair of our special underwear, designed to be worn all day, and three of our unique SnowWedges™, so there’s always one ready to keep you cool. After inserting a SnowWedge™ into the pouch of your Snowballs™, you’ll stay comfortably cool for about 30 minutes. Snowballs™ can be gently machine washed like any other pair of quality organic underwear. SnowWedges™ can be washed with soap and water and freeze for use in less than an hour.

Interview Transcript:

Marc: Hi everyone, I am Marc Sklar, the fertility expert. If you want to find out a way to improve your male fertility and your sperm quality, stay tuned and watch this video on how to cool your balls; seriously, how to cool your balls. It works. Thanks so much, stay tuned.
Thanks everyone for joining us today. Today we have Joshua Shoemake from Snowballs. He is joining us to educate us and tell us a little bit about his project snowballs which I find not only to be fun but to be effective. He is joining us all the way from Paris, France. Thanks so much.
Joshua: A pleasure Marc. It’s nice to see you and nice to be on here. We’re going to talk a little bit about Snowballs before, but maybe I will tell you a little bit about what it is and how it came about.

Marc: That will be great.

Joshua: Snowball is pretty basic; you get it from the name. It is a pair of underwear. It is a boxer brief made out of organic cotton and the front there is a pouch. Into this pouch you slip a specially designed heart-shaped blue gel ice pack with a spine down the middle, so it sort of folds around you. In a pack of snowballs you get several of these ice packs and you swap out throughout the day. The idea is this makes icing as convenient as possible where you wear your underwear all day long; maybe after the gym when you go home you put in an ice pack; when you are watching TV at nights you put in an ice pack. So that is the general idea.

A buddy of mine had fertility problems, as so many people do and I am sure your viewers know all the numbers on that. What surprised me just learning about is that at least 40% of infertility is attributed to men. It is a huge and common thing and I didn’t really know that to that extent. Anyway, my friend is having problems having a baby and his doctor says to him “You have to ice your balls.” We laughed 00:02:28]. So he is walking around in the house with the frozen peas to the front of his pants. Long story short, he and his wife did get pregnant and had a baby. One night we were sitting there and he said “You know what would be a great idea? To create pair of underwear with an ice pack in it.

So little by little that is what we did. Then we did scientific research at the same time. I had been through infertility with my wife so I understand the struggle of it and the frustration of it and so it resonated with me. The science blew me away too. I mean, you know this, but there have been studies going back to the 60 showing that scrotal cooling can enhance fertility, both sperm motility and morphology. So I found that fascinating and the more we looked, the more studies there were. You have a lot of resources on your website and there are some on ours as well certainly in the science section of our website All these studies we have listed out plus how some of that links in to what Snowballs does.

In any case, we had this produced and we have had them out for about a year. They are selling increasingly well. I was just saying before we got on here that I got an email this week from a customer saying that his morphology improved and his sperm count has doubled. So it is exciting to see that and it is also a lot of fun. We talked about the name a lot. When we were first think about doing this; and really we were just two guys who were learning along the way and trying to find the best possible underwear which was something we knew nothing about. We know now but at the time we knew nothing. So we were having fun with it. The debate at the time was should the name be something very scientific or should it be something fun. So we did all these tests and one of our names was ‘Flirtywear’ ‘Fertilitywear’, which sounds horrible now but we thought that was a good idea at one point.

So in the end, People really responded to Snowballs and that in the end 00:05:06] because it does fit with our philosophy towards infertility and towards guys talking about infertility. This is not an easy subject to talk about. It is all from a very painful experience. Couples really struggle through this and we have been there. Guys need an easy way to talk about this and guys, I think, approach this kind f thing with humor; at least I do.

Marc: I think you needto.

Joshua: So it is an easy way to talk about a real problem and so many guys have it, so why not. Along with that, we wanted to be in his convenience as possible. It is enough of struggle to do all of the things you are suppose to be doing; you have to be in shape; you have to do all of these things. So we wanted this to be able to be as natural part of your daily routine as possible which I think it is.

Marc: I think it’s great. So I just started working with a new patient, it was probably a month ago, and he is in construction, so he spends a good part of his day, and I am not just talking about 30 minutes; he spends 3-6 hours of his work day in a bobcat or some machinery, and in San Diego it can get pretty warm during the day. The heat of the day in that cab is like 100°, 120° and because he has sperm issues, I have been having this ongoing sperm issues with him about doing something to keep your balls cold; I think you need to keep an icepack in the cabin with you and you have to change down. So we were talking about all of this stuff and then all of a sudden your product came across my email. I was like “That is perfect for him.” That is really what sparked my interest because it is something that is so practical and needed and is so easy to use. That is really the beauty that I find in it. The next time I saw him I was like “So you are going to this website and you are going to purchase this and you have to start using this.” I think it is awesome.

Joshua: I also think it could be a gateway product or gateway thing you do in your life to open you up to talking about all sorts of different things; whether it is diet or whatever. It is a way to begin talking about male fertility.

Marc: Absolutely.

Joshua: It shouldn’t be difficult to talk about this and I think that is changing. You know this much better than I do. You see plenty of stars talking about their own experiences. You talking about heat remind me we have a story on our blog about Gordon Ramsay, the chef, who had fertility problems for years and attributes that to standing in front of a stove or an oven all day long which makes total sense. This is pretty basic stuff but it can have real effects from what we’ve seen and I’m sure from what you’ve seen in your practice.

Marc: Absolutely. The fertility burden is often put on the woman in the relationship and men are often overlooked. As you have stated, upwards from 40%, 45% of all fertility issues are male related or combined male or female. So it is something that, unfortunately, gets overlooked and is displaced on the female, but not rightly so. So it is really important for us as men to take responsibility for some of that and to take ownership. I think we let our ego get in the way and our machismo and we want to think that our sperm is super sperm and everything is fantastic and “I have all the testosterone in the world.” But the reality is that s probably not always the case and so we need to take ownership of that and this is one way to do that.

Joshua: Sure, absolutely. As we have said before, you can be the biggest stud on the planet and still have fertility problems. This has nothing to do with how much of a man you are. Again, it is interesting to watch who buys snowballs and I would say 50% of women. So it is way to bring home this underwear and maybe I can model it for you and start the conversation “You are going to start doing your part now too and this is where you are starting. It is something basic and something easy but you are in this with me now.”

Marc: You guys make a recommendation for how much time in day they should actually wear the icepacks?

Joshua: Yes, they are rough recommendations. You get three of these icepacks. They each stay cold for about half an hour or a little bit more, so we suggest 2 hours in a day is great; I think that is reasonable. I don’t think more icing will harm you. This is not getting super cool, I compare it to a cold shower; the first 5 seconds is slightly painful and then you’re fine.

Marc: Then you get used to it.

Joshua: Yeah. So we recommend 2 hours daily. The customer we have seen who are starting to have success are doing about that.

Marc: That’s great. So those people who want to learn a little bit more about the product and purchase it, we will have a link below this video and our blog that will link to your website. Your website; can you repeat it for everyone again?

Joshua: It is and that will give you the background of the product and there is a little video there that tells you something about our sources; some of what I just told you. The other resource that might be interesting which is on the website is a blog section called ‘Snow School’ which is basically we just post recipes with fertility foods, exercise; just generally men’s health stuff and also fertility related stuff as well. That can be a good resource for couples looking for easy ways to start getting in shape, eating better and staying cool.

Marc: That sounds cool. For everyone who is watching in a timely matter, we are going to be raffling off a set of the snowballs. That information, again, is below on how to enter and how to win one of those. So thanks so much Joshua for taking time to educate everyone on it and telling us a little bit about your story. I really appreciate it and I think everybody out there who is also listening will also appreciate it.

Joshua: It is a pleasure Marc. You are doing great work and it is good to see you