Why do you miscarriage?

Why do you miscarriage?

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Why can’t you hold a pregnancy? 

Hi, I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the fertility expert, and welcome to Fertility TV. In this episode, we’re going to be talking about miscarriage and the inability to hold a pregnancy. We’re talking about miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

It is a common issue that needs to be dealt with and it is something I often see with patients.

First and foremost, let me say that if you have been able to get pregnant before at least that’s the first positive sign. It shows your body knows what to do. There is a lot of positive to take away from that. Even though the end wasn’t ideal, the fact that you’ve been able to get pregnant is better than those women who have never been able to get pregnant before because it shows your body knows what to do.

But what is a miscarriage?

The definition of recurrent pregnancy loss or a miscarriage is that you have had three miscarriages typically in a row, but at least three which shows that your body is prone to it. Now, most physicians won’t do much if you’ve just had one because it is fairly common. Not to say we shouldn’t do anything about it if you’ve had one, but typically they’re going to at least want you to have two or three before they’re going to start take action.

The first thing to recognize is it’s fairly common and the older you get, the more common a miscarriage is, unfortunately. The most common cause of miscarriage is genetic issues. There was some sort of abnormality genetically in your body rejected the embryo. But once that has been predetermined not to be an issue; you’ve looked at that and it is not an issue. Then we have to look deeper. For me, it is about figuring out why these things are happening. So, it is about looking deeper and taking the time to look deeper before you get pregnant again. The best course of medicine to treat miscarriage is used prior to conception. It is not just enough to get pregnant and then start to address a miscarriage. You really want to do that in advance.

So the two main areas that I like to look at when we got a pregnancy loss or miscarriage are immune issues;

  • are there any other immune issues that need to be handled?
  • Blood clotting factors that are pushing out the fetus
  • then #3 is progesterone issues

If you have progesterone deficiency. So those three are the key things that we want to look at, rule out and address should we find that there are issues there. So, some to-dos you can start to do and could be part of your homework as you start to deal with pregnancy loss.

1)The first is find a specialist. Work with someone who is comfortable working with a miscarriage, you have seen it often and who knows the ins and outs and the details of it so that they can start to look a little bit deeper.

2) Get tested. If someone tells you they have done all the tests, you better confirm that because odds are they haven’t. So, make sure you get tested and you look deeper.

3) Check yourself and check your diet. We have to improve our diet and improve the nutrition we are giving into ourselves, our uterus and hopefully your baby. So make sure that is in order. Kind of along the lines of diet is limit your caffeine. Caffeine has been shown to contribute to pregnancy loss. So you want to mitigate any issues that might be contributing to that.

So, that’s your homework; find a specialist, get tested, clean up your diet and cut off the caffeine.

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