What you need to know before IVF egg retrieval

What you need to know before IVF egg retrieval

Never go into an IVF cycle without proper preparation and being fully informed. Here’s how to improve the outcome on egg retrieval day…

Watch this Fertility TV, where Dr. Marc Sklar The Fertility Expert talks about all you need to know before doing IVF egg retrieval to make sure you’re successful on your IVF


Prepare your body for pregnancy

Enter your next IVF cycle feeling fully empowered for it to be a success.

Make sure you’ve prepared and you’ve done all that you can before treatment starts.

Do you have a solid treatment protocol with your IVF clinic for which stimulation drugs you should be taking and at what dose?

Have you been making positive changes and taking the necessary steps to improve your egg quality and production? A pre-treatment IVF diet that focuses on improving egg production and quality through a clean lifestyle can make the world of difference on egg retrieval day. (Improve your egg quality)

Are his sperm at top quality? Has he been taking supplements and nurturing his body just as much as you have? Your top quality eggs need to be matched with his top quality sperm for you to have the best chance at positive results.

Taking time for yourself in the run up to egg retrieval day is key to feeling prepared and believing in the process. And it’s not just your physical body – your mental wellness is just as important too. Egg retrieval can be an anxious time. Would you benefit from taking some time off work during this time? Is it time to take it easy and prioritise quality sleep and mindfulness over work?

I know how much you want to get started with your IVF, and how hard it is to be patient, but you have to look at the bigger picture.

Taking 6 months to take care of your body, prepare it and get it baby ready before you begin your IVF could be exactly what it takes for it to stick. Preparation is key – and if you can’t say you feel fully prepared for what’s ahead, maybe now is not the right time to start IVF.


Treat the root cause

What has been getting in the way of you having a child? What was it that brought you on to the path of IVF?

The road to IVF can often become a tunnel in which you can no longer see any other way of getting pregnant once you’ve started along the road. The baby at the end makes it hard to look back and reconsider whether or not this is actually time to start IVF.

Many people begin IVF much sooner than they actually need to. Rather than treating the root cause (your fertility condition), you skip right to treating the symptom of it (the so far lack of pregnancy). But although you haven’t been successful in getting pregnant naturally yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ever.

There are other ways of treating your fertility conditions and getting pregnant without having to go through IVF… you just need to learn know how and believe that you can.

IVF is an amazing thing that helps many women get pregnant every year, but it also takes a lot of time, work and money. If there are other routes yet to be explored, why not take them first? Do everything else first. Fix up your lifestyle, clean up your diet, regulate your sleep and hormones. Do everything you can to make your mind and body the perfect place for a tiny human to live in… and you never know, one just might.

Not sure where to start? Try out our FREE fertility balance wheel to see which areas of your life could use some more love and support to improve your fertility naturally.


Choose the right clinic

Take the time to research all of the clinics that are an option for you. You’re about to invest a lot of time and money, and take a big step on your fertility journey – you want to be choosing the very best for you to do that.

Speaking of ‘the best’ – the best clinic is subjective to you, and what might have been right for one couple could be completely wrong for you.

This means you should be looking for clinics that do the best job for women under your specific circumstances with your particular fertility conditions.

Do you have a history of miscarriage, have autoimmune issues, endometriosis, blood clotting factors? Do you know how to check the live birth statistics for women of your age or with your condition at the clinic you’re considering?

The clinic’s success rates don’t necessarily reflect your own chances for success getting pregnant through IVF. Many clinics avoid taking on more difficult cases or refuse to treat women over the age of 40 with her own eggs which can influence their statistics and under represent women with fertility conditions.

So here’s what you need to do… Research research research! A good clinic with good doctors will be able to advise you and help you to decide whether or not the treatments they can offer you are worth your financial and emotional investment.

Take the time to thoroughly research the clinics before you decide on one and start your treatments.

Find support, guidance and community

Being properly informed throughout your entire IVF journey is crucial if you want to create the best chance for success in every IVF cycle and for your own emotional survival.

I know that there is a lot that goes on during your appointments with your IVF doctors and a lot of questions that come up after your appointment that can be hard to find any clear answers to.

That’s why I’ve created this new IVF support group and group coaching to run alongside your treatment. Conquering your IVF is the answer to a need I’ve been seeing for quite some time now. It’s there to fill in those blanks and guide you through each cycle.

It’s a combination of training and group support that should help you to improve your IVF success rates and provide the emotional support that you need while doing it.

So, if you’re thinking about IVF or are already going through IVF treatment, and you could use a little more support and guidance through the journey, then Conquering IVF is for you. Save your space by signing up to my waiting list!

If you would like a little bit more support on your IVF journey; if you’re thinking about IVF or you’re already doing it and you want to improve your success rates, then I’ve created an IVF support group that can guide you and hopefully increase your success rates.one that finally works.

Enroll now in Conquering IVF, where we break down the IVF journey into the before, during and after: Believe, Empower, Create.  With our monthly subscription you will have access to an online e-course and 2x group coaching sessions a month where you can connect with other like-minded couples while receiving the guidance and support you need to take you through your whole IVF journey.


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How many cycles did it take for your IVF to be successful?

Have you already had IVF treatment? First of all, we hope for you that it was successful!!! But, what we want to know is: how long did it take for you to get pregnant with IVF? Or how long have you been having IVF treatment?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

Looking for more guidance during your fertility journey?

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