Is IVF the Solution for women over 40+

Are you over 40 and considering IVF? More and more women are waiting until later in life to start their families… but what does that mean for their fertility? Keep reading for help on deciding whether IVF is the right choice for you…

Getting pregnant over 40, more often than not, won’t be easy. It will likely take you much longer to conceive than it would in your early 20s, and it will come with more risks and complications. With that said, getting pregnant over the age of 40 is not impossible.

Knowing what you can do to increase your success rates and boost your fertility is fundamental for your journey towards a successful pregnancy. And IVF is a common route that women over 40 consider in order to deal with any fertility issues they face.

Let’s talk statistics

Did you know that you’re at your most fertile between the ages of around 18 to 22 years old? And (even at your best) your statistics for pregnancy are still only somewhere between a 25% to 30% success rate?

This may come as a shock for many of you because when you’re at that age, getting pregnant seems like something that could happen very easily, at any time. At that age, you’re more frequently educated on the best forms of contraception rather than your fertility rates and your peak times for conception.

With that said, as we age, that percentage only continues to decline.

So, if you’re approaching 40, you have to start thinking about what your realistic rates for success are going to be like now. It’s likely to be somewhere around a 10 to 15% success rate – or maybe even lower. If you have fertility conditions and other factors which interfere with your chances for a natural pregnancy, the percentage only decreases again.

IVF is a common solution for women over 40 who are struggling to get pregnant, as it is a way to increase your chances for a successful pregnancy back up to 20 to 30% mark.

Now I’m not here to tell you that IVF is your right (or only) solution to improving your statistics but it is clear that IVF is one of the ways you can try and positively influence those rates. So yes, it could be the solution for you.

However, there are no guarantees…

The average success rates for IVF fall somewhere between 35 and 45%.

IVF could speed up the process of a successful pregnancy over the age of 40 but it’s still not guaranteed to work. It’s super important to be informed and made aware that IVF is not 100% effective before you make such a huge emotional and financial investment. You should be prepared for all of the outcomes and the long journey that you have ahead of you.

Certainly, IVF could be the right choice for you. Some clinics have higher success rates of around 45% to 55%, and that could be exactly what it takes for you to finally conceive… just as long as you can accept that there are no guarantees and can afford to take that risk.

Being properly informed on the process, the statistics, your chances for it being successful, and accepting that it will likely take you more than one cycle of IVF to see any results, is the best way for you to make the decision on whether or not IVF is your solution.

If you do decide that IVF is the right choice for you, then you should go into that having fully prepared for it. You should have taken all the steps to improve your fertility naturally first. You should always go into IVF with your eyes wide open because, odds are, you’re gonna be more successful for being so.


You might need more than one cycle

It’s important to take into account that you’re likely going to need more than one cycle of IVF when making your decision.

IVF doesn’t have a 100% success rate, and it can take a few rounds before you reach pregnancy. It’s something to take into consideration of your financial budget and also of your mental health and wellbeing – as feeling repetitive disappointment could cause you to lose hope entirely, which will not help you if you want to succeed.

Do you have the support you need to get through the treatments with a healthy mind? Are you prepared for the times when the cycle doesn’t end with the results you were hoping for?

Is IVF the solution for you?

The short answer is… maybe. It can (and hopefully) will increase your chances for a successful pregnancy when done right.

The long answer is that you really have to decide for yourself, and you’ll have to do some preparatory work before you reach that decision.


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