When to start thinking about IVF?

When to start thinking about IVF?

Even though my preference normally is to get pregnant naturally, on occasions my patients do have to try IVF. I also have patients who approach me who are about to start IVF who wants to increase their success. So, I’m very familiar with the IVF process and I’m very comfortable with the IVF process. In this one, we’re going to talk about whether I think it is time to start thinking about it or if it is the right decision for you.

IVF is a big decision, not something to just jump into.

So first and foremost, it is a big decision. IVF is not something to just jump into. It is not something to just be pushed into. It is something that I think take some thought and some planning on your part and your partner’s part. I don’t like to make these decisions lightly because it is so labor intensive on the whole family in terms of stress; there is a lot of pressure on you guys as a couple and then financially there is a lot of pressure as well.

So, is it time for you to go through IVF? Well, the first decision that kind of dictates that is if there is any true physical issues, both for you or your partner. If there are really some physical issues, let’s say the tubes are blocked which is a real obvious one or there are other abnormalities that need to be addressed, then there really might be no other option to conceive than to go through IVF.

If that’s an option then we’re really looking at donor or surrogacy or adoption or something along those lines depending on what the situation is. So, the first to check is are there any physical issues that really preclude you from trying to get pregnant.

2) Time. You and your partner feel that you have put in enough time trying naturally and you’re, kind of, done with it; you just want to get pregnant. Or is time a pressure, in terms of, you’re getting older and you want to make sure that in terms of your family planning that you give yourself enough opportunity to get pregnant not only with one but maybe multiple children. So, you do have to factor that in. So sometime there is that time pressure, and I talk about the time factor in other videos, but sometimes there is this pressure on time pushing down on us because of our age or because we have been trying for so long and we’re just so tired of putting in the time and the effort.

The other one is I often find that couples are pressured IVF a little too quickly or pressure a little too much. First, I believe that about 70%-80% of all couples who go through IVF are pressured to do it prematurely and can get pregnant naturally. So, if you feel like you fall into that category then maybe we should be looking and talking about other options before we go that route, but no one should make you feel pressured to move forward with IVF. It is something that you and your husband or your partner need to think about together and decide if that’s the right path for you. There is no right or wrong answer, but I don’t like patients to be pressured moving into it.

3) Then another factor is finances; money. It is an expensive process. Most states don’t cover IVF. I’m not sure about all the countries, but some of them can be covered in certain countries; certain states can cover up to a certain amount. But if you don’t have the insurance there is certainly this financial impact that you have to think about. So these are not things to take lightly.

Last, but not least in terms of making your decision if IVF is the right next step for you is listen to your gut. It is called woman’s intuition for a reason. I think you need to sit quietly, listen to your body, listen to yourself, maybe talk about it with some friends and family to see what they think. But you need to listen your gut and your woman’s intuition to decide moving forward is the right decision.

If you do need some guidance and some help in making those decisions, those are things that I deal with my patients all the time. I’m happy to discuss it with you as well, but I think it is important that you sit with yourself and think about what you want, what you need and you’re your body is telling you.

iui-ivf seedsNow on to that little technique that I like to use to enhance your IVF process. It is called acupressure, similar to acupuncture, but I like to recommend it for my online patients who are not here in San Diego with me because they can do it at home. Instead of using your hands to apply the pressure to facilitate the process, I like to recommend a little tool called the “seeds for fertility” because it applies the pressure more continuously and more evenly without the assistance of your hand which gets tired pretty easily. So, the acupressure, again which is similar to acupuncture, can enhance the IVF success rates and research has showed that it can do that.

So if you decide IVF is in your future then I suggest using the “seeds for fertility.” You can do so or you can get the seeds by clicking on this link right here and you also get a little promo code to give you a little discount as well.

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