Sex, Fertility and Vitamin D

Today I want to address how sex, fertility, and Vitamin D levels are all intertwined. So in this Fertility TV episode lets talk about sex, fertility and vitamin D!




What current research tell us

Current research tells us that most Americans are Vitamin D deficient.  It might seem that those people who live in sunnier locations would have enough exposure to natural sunlight and should have high enough levels of Vitamin D.  But in reality, most people don’t spend a lot of time in the sun, especially with their skin directly exposed.  We spend considerably less time in direct sunlight, often with our skin covered by clothing or sunscreen.  As a result, Vitamin D levels in the US are extremely low.

This is an issue, not just for our health, but for our fertility levels and our future babies.  

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Key things to know about sex, fertility and Vitamin D:

  • Low levels of Vitamin D can cause low estrogen and low testosterone.

These are the key hormones in your fertility.  If you have low testosterone and low estrogen, you are probably less interested in sex, which means low libido.  Trying to get pregnant while having low libido is no fun.  Sex feels like a chore.

If we want to increase sex – and enjoy it – then we need to increase libido and our desire to have sex and Vitamin D can absolutely help that.

  • Low levels of Vitamin D can cause depression, anxiety and irritablity.

Additionally, if you’ve got low levels of estrogen or testosterone that might also lead to depression, anxiety, irritability.  That again, can have an impact on your sex life.  I can only speak for myself, but I don’t want to be around anyone who’s anxious, irritable, depressed and no one wants to be around me when that happens.  That means sex isn’t fun for my wife or I if I’m feeling depressed, anxious or irritable and I imagine the same for all of you.


We want to be attractive to our partners and we also want to have the desire and have them have the desire for us. Vitamin D is so important as it can also influence our mood and how we feel.  In fact, studies have shown that men with adequate levels of Vitamin D (and that’s over 30, anything below 30 is deficient) have significantly more testosterone than those whose levels are below 30.

For my patients I think 30 is not enough when it comes to Vitamin D levels. I like to sit around 60 to 80, but even just at that minimal threshold it shows a significant difference in testosterone levels. So we want to see that positive change.

Estrogen and testosterone are also essential for egg quality and sperm quality. So we’ve got one nutrient – Vitamin D – influencing so many things like fertility, sex and how we feel. It’s awesome and it’s a simple one to get.

  • In addition to everything else, Vitamin D influences AMH (Anti-Malarian Hormone).  

AMH is an indicator for egg reserve or ovarian reserve. Sometimes, if your Vitamin D levels are low, that is an indicator that your AMH levels are low, when in reality they’re not!  This leads to a false understanding that you might not be producing as many eggs as you are or that you have as many eggs left as you would hope.  If we are able to keep Vitamin D levels high, we can get good accurate readings for what the ovaries and follicles look like.

If you are pregnant, Vitamin D is essential as well.  There are two major reasons Vitamin D levels should be adequate during pregnancy:

  1. Research has shown that low levels or low intake of Vitamin D can lead to pre-term labor and we want to keep the baby in as long as we can to keep it as healthy as we can.
  2. “Low Maternal D Levels” during pregnancy can lead to a baby having a higher incidence of ADHD.

These are all awesome reasons to increase our Vitamin D. But how?

The easy way to do it, although some people might find it hard, is to get outside in the sun more. Ideally you want to have as much skin exposed in direct sunlight at the peak times of the day between 11 and 2.

If that’s not possible, then go find a nice, good quality supplement of Vitamin D as well, and you can supplement with that. You can find some at the Reproductive Wellness online store:

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Until next time!

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