PCOS: Hope & Healing – Wise words from the PCOS Diva!

PCOS: Hope & Healing – Wise words from the PCOS Diva!

PCOS: Hope & Healing – Wise words from the PCOS Diva!

Are you suffering from PCOS and not happy with your current treatment plan? Do you feel like you keep hearing the same message from doctors, that is not supporting your fertility journey? I have a dear friend and PCOS Diva here to talk about her journey with PCOS and how you can take healing into your own hands when dealing with PCOS.

As a teen, Amy began to suffer from the symptoms of PCOS including hirsutism, weight gain, irregular cycles, and acne. Her symptoms carried on through adulthood where getting pregnant was mentally and physically challenging. She felt hopeless and out of control, a victim of my own body.

Fueled by her determination to heal, Amy created her own personal treatment plan to change her PCOS story to what it is today.

Here I share her wisdom in five tips I gathered from my interview with her.  

1. Manage your PCOS Journey

You are in charge of this. You can take control and manage your situation! Yes, you are have been given a diagnosis and information from a specialist, but you get to choose how you handle this information.

Amy points out in her journey the roller coaster of emotions she went through. At times very low feelings and confusion. There is so much information coming in from Doctor’s, loved ones, Google, it can be overwhelming.

What Amy did was decided she wanted to be the one in charge of this journey and so can you. She felt helpless at times and not in control of the situation, but finally, she came to a healthy decision that she needed to be the one to manage her PCOS journey. 

First and foremost when healing on your PCOS journey, you need to be the one to manage this experience.

2. You are not a victim

PCOS is not who you are, it is a diagnosis you currently have. It is within your power to heal. There is no magic pill to take to make it go away, but your body has the ability to heal and adapt, given you take the proper steps.

Don’t hand your power over to anyone else during this healing time; a doctor, family member, friends etc. These are all people a part of your support systems, but the true power of healing comes from within. You hold the key to your PCOS healing and the first step takes hope!

This fact that you have PCOS isn’t your fault, but choosing to be a victim of it, is.

Don’t tag yourself with PCOS.

3. Think like a Diva

It starts with your mind. Amy brings up how often her clients want to jump ahead and get right into the diet plan, but to her, the importance starts with a strong foundation of a healthy mind.

The key is to move out of the victim mindset and decide that “you can thrive with PCOS”. Start living in the possibility.

4. You are enough

Amy shared with me, from her experience with PCOS that it can make you feel like you aren’t enough. That this diagnosis robs you of your femininity.

There is this underlying feeling she felt that you may be feeling as well. That because of your diagnosis, you feel you are showing up to life from a place of lacking. That when it comes to your fertility journey, PCOS brings on an additional infertility challenge. 

I want to remind you, you are not identified by PCOS. It is a diagnosis you have, but it is not who you are! That you as you are right now are enough and you have superpowers that may look different than those around you.

5. Keep it positive

Amy enlightened me on the positives of PCOS! That as women with PCOS, you are highly sensitive and attuned to emotions. This makes you strong with your emotions, it’s your superpower! You can sense and pick up on things others may not be able to.

Women with PCOS make great leaders! You have higher levels of androgen which makes you more competitive and driven. She attributes her success of PCOS Diva to having this internal drive.

And most importantly when it comes to fertility, Amy shares that women with PCOS can be fertility longer because you have a higher ovarian reserve than most. That often when you are younger your ovulating and that extends the length of your fertility later in life.

Amy comes at her PCOS from a positive mindset and sees it as a blessing. Taking her healing into her own hands and reclaiming her life with PCOS has been so inspiring to witness.

Not sure you have PCOS? Have you never been tested, maybe a doctor hasn’t brought it up?

You know something is not right. You don’t have regular periods, to start with… and you check many boxes when you read about PCOS related symptoms… but your OBGYN put you on the pill to regulate your cycles… and never brought up PCOS. 

Check out my article about 5 Reasons Your PCOS Was Misdiagnosed.

Get Tested for PCOS

Want to find out for yourself if you have undiagnosed PCOS Then take these tests! These female hormone tests, ovarian reserve tests and other tests are the first start. They will be able to shed some light on what is going on with your reproductive and hormonal health, and fertility.

You order them online and take them from home – and receive the results 5 days later. If you’d like help understanding your results and finding out what they mean and what you should do, you should book a consultation with myself or one of my incredible Fertility Experts to have them reviewed and a fertility plan created for you.


Empower PCOSSugar wreaks havoc on the health of women with PCOS. With the majority of my PCOS patients, managing blood sugar is key, because that has a direct impact on your ovarian health and follicular development in PCOS.

You can manage your blood sugar by managing and controlling your carb intake and your sugar intake. Stop wondering what to eat when you have PCOS! Want to know what nourishing foods to eat to control your PCOS and hormone levels?

Check out my PCOS eCourse which has the basic guidelines and easy to follow recipes to eliminate inflammatory and hormone-disrupting foods to help your body heal forever.

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