5 Reasons Your PCOS Was Misdiagnosed

5 Reasons Your PCOS Was Misdiagnosed

5 Reasons your PCOS was misdiagnosed

You know something is not right. You don’t have regular periods, to start with… and you check many boxes when you read about PCOS related symptoms… but your OBGYN put you on the pill to regulate your cycles… and said no word about PCOS

Sounds familiar? In this Fertility Tv Episode I go over the 5 Reasons Your PCOS Was Misdiagnosed and what to do about it

Many of the PCOS patients I see as a natural fertility expert come to us seeking help getting pregnant. Many others, don’t want to get pregnant but want to regulate their hormones naturally.

I’d say +80% of PCOS I help with (either in my clinics or through my fertility virtual consultations) are able to take control of their PCOS and get pregnant naturally!

Some cases are a bit more complex than others. Many come to me, not even knowing they have PCOS. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while, maybe you are one of those atypical PCOS cases who don’t present the typical PCOS symptoms… but definitely, have it!

Here are some of the reasons why your PCOS might have been missed:

#1 Your cycles are regular

Atypical PCOS patients have regular cycles (not like common PCOS patients who have irregular cycles).  Even if your cycles are too long, you might not be considered a PCOS patient by your OBGYN.

For my patients, I look into other factors and lab testing to make sure your cycles don’t trick us! If you want me to review your labs to see what’s going on, click here so we can talk.

#2 You are not overweight

Many of the PCOS patients we see through the virtual fertility consultations are very thin and petite. Not being overweight is not common for PCOS. But you don’t have to be overweight to have PCOS, you can be very fit and still have PCOS like tendencies and symptoms.

#3 You don’t have ovarian cysts

And you’d say… how is it possible to have PCOS if I don’t have cysts? Well, I’ve seen it multiple times.  

#4 No Acne. No excess body hair

In a typical PCOS pattern, you would have increased androgens. You might not have excess androgens but still have PCOS tendencies.

#5 No doctor mention it

As simple as that. You might be a PCOS patient but your OBGYN did not mention it. As it is a lifetime condition, sometimes they don’t see PCOS as something treatable, … so why mention it?

What happens often is that women are put on the pill at a young age to regulate their cycles, and then the little details of irregular cycles at a young age before being on the pill, were lost in translation and never considered as a possible condition affecting your fertility.

What to do now ?

#1 Take action!

There are many things you can do, even if your OBGYN is not telling you what you need to hear. Many fertility experts like myself, or health experts have put together resources you can do at home. Here are two ecourses I’d recommend you check out:



I developed an ecourse to help all of you dealing with PCOS. Click here to get it now. These video tutorials you can do from home, will help you understand your body better, take action and teach you how to control your hormones and PCOS forever.



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#2 – Talk with a Specialist:

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#3 – Keep Learning

Here are other Fertility Tv episodes for you to watch. They are full of information! Once you are ready to take action, I’m happy to help you with the next steps!  Almost 50,000 subscribers can’t be wrong! A fresh approach to natural fertility and women’s health, with tons of easy health tips on how to get pregnant and fertility science with a dash of humor!  Get the weekly Fertility TV episodes with all you need to know when trying to get pregnant >> CLICK HERE TO JOIN <<

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