Nutrition tips and meal planning when you are trying to get pregnant

Nutrition tips and meal planning when you are trying to get pregnant

Nutrition tips and meal planning when you are trying to get pregnant

Quick side note – I’ve put together this 5 Day Fertility Meal Plan for you. It’s a very easy way to start improving your fertility. If you’ve been following me for a little while, you’ll know what an important role nutrition plays on your fertility (and overall health)  – Download my Fertility 5 Days Meal Plan (and it’s FREE!)

Today we’re going to be talking about meal planning.  One of the biggest things that comes up when I speak with patients is how can I be better with my nutrition and what do I need to do to make it easier for myself?

The one key is meal planning. If you can prepare in advance, you’re going to be successful.
All my patients who tell me that they had a hard week, it’s because they didn’t do shopping; they didn’t cook; they didn’t plan; they didn’t know what they needed to do that week. And so then you’re just scrounging; you’re just looking for anything that can help, right feed your hunger; you’re just hungry and you need to eat. The key to being successful is to meal plan.

So here are some tips:

First and for most you need to shop and before that you need to have the list you’re shopping for.
So before you walk through to the store, create the list of all the items you need for that week; you know what you’re going to be cooking; you’ve created your items and meal options for each day of the week and so you’re going to use that to create your shopping list.  From there you’ve got to got to go shopping.

And then you’re going to pick one day a week where you’re going to prep and create your food.
For me it tends to be on Sundays, it’s an easier day but it could be any day that’s easy for you and you’re going to need about 2 hours or so to do that.
And so that’s where you’re going to start making your recipes; creating, portioning them out; freezing them; putting some in the refrigerator; some in the freezer so they’re easier for you to start working with and then you’ve got everything prepped for the week or for the next 3 or 4 days.

In addition to one key thing is if you’re going to meal prep at a couple different times or you know that you’ve got one big meal that you’re planning is to make extra; buy extra ingredients, make extra so you can have extra for lunch or for dinner the next day or two.

So to help you with all of this I created a short EBook about nutrition and fertility. It includes some meal plans, some shopping lists, some recipes, and all the things I just talked about to help you be successful with nutrition in your plan.

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