Is Sugar NOT letting You Get Pregnant?

Is Sugar NOT letting You Get Pregnant?

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Hi!  I’m Dr. Marc Sklar, the Fertility Expert and welcome back to Fertility TV.  In this episode we’re going to be talking about how sugar may be affecting your fertility.  So if you want to improve your diet and your nutrition then stay tuned to this video.  Additionally at the end of this video I’m going to give you a link so that you can get my free fertility meal plan. 

Sugar plays a big role in overall health…or contributing to poor health I should say.  So the one thing that I’ve seen over the years, and we can document this through research over the centuries and generations is that we’ve seen an increased spike of sugar intake and that we’ve also simultaneously seen an increase in diseases and inflammatory diseases and poor health.  So my belief, and I’m not the only one who says this, is that sugar is negatively impacting our overall health as a culture and society, and we need to change that and one of the things it’s that’s absolutely going to impact is your fertility.

So the first…first and foremost I want to look at everything in your house and if its white, I want you to take a second thought about it, so white sugar, white bread, white rice, white corn; if it’s white, I want it out of your house, replace it with better alternatives or just get rid of it completely and just eat real good nutrient-dense food.  Many of us eat a lot of pre-packaged foods, pretty much you can rest assured if you’re eating packaged foods or processed foods, there’s tons of sugar. Make sure you read the labels, not just for that little line item that says how much sugar is in it, but that’s certainly a first start, but look at the ingredients, where’s the sugar coming from?  Is it high fructose corn syrup? What’s the source of the sugar?  Cause that also makes a big difference as well is what the sugar source is.  So read labels, clean out your house, clean out your diet…clean up your diet, and now let me tell you what it’s doing to your body.

First and foremost increased sugar intake is absolutely a hormone disrupter, it’s disrupting your endocrine system, and the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to conceive is make it more difficult by disrupting your hormone regulation.  So you want to keep your hormones in check so an easy way to start to do that is by decreasing or eliminating your sugar.

Two – Insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar dysregulation, all of those are big issue when you’re eating too much sugar so we want to get rid of that.  There’s a direct correlation between blood sugar, your endocrine system, your pituitary, thyroid and your adrenal glands.  All of those things communicate to one another, and if your blood sugar’s off those glands and those systems have to work harder.  So let’s cut down the sugar and balance out your insulin levels.

Three – Might be even the most important one even though I have it at Number Three is yeast overgrowth, otherwise known as Candida.  I see this all the time.  By far the number one thing that I see happen when we eat too much sugar is that we develop an overgrowth of Candida which absolutely throws off our hormones and is a big culprit I’ve seen clinically when it comes to fertility issues, so if we can clean that up we can make a profound difference.

Four – As I mentioned earlier, increased sugar causes more inflammation, and PMS is an inflammatory issue as well as menstrual pain is an inflammatory issue. Who doesn’t want to get rid of those things?  I’m sure all of you ladies do, so let’s decrease the sugar and decrease our pain.

Five – It lowers our immune system.  We want to improve our immune system and keep it strong so eliminating the sugar will absolutely benefit that.  And then having too much sugar is also can…I should say, can also cause nutrient deficiencies.  We want to eat nutrient dense real whole foods and get rid of the junk.  So that’s what it can do to your body but let’s stop allowing it to do that and let’s change that.  If you need some alternatives of things you can start to incorporate instead of just regular table sugar, I do like coconut sugar as a low-glycemic alternative; again it’s best if we can just eliminate those and just start to eat regular balanced foods.  And if you are craving something more then one of my favorite go-to things because it’s so nutrient…it has so much nutrition in it and lots of protein, is bone broth.  You drink it warm, you can use it to cook in all of your foods other than when you’re stir frying, and with your grains like kemur or rice, but I also like to just sip on it and it fills me up and makes me feel warm and comfy.  It’s a comfort food for me especially when it’s cold and rainy outside, so drink your bone broth like me.

I mentioned earlier, this is a link right here to my free fertility meal plan which is chock full of all sorts of goodies to help you set the foundation and start making the proper steps towards a healthy balanced diet.  It gives you meal plan, recipes, shopping lists, all sorts of excellent information.

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