How to use an at home insemination kit to get pregnant

How to use an at home insemination kit to get pregnant

Mosie Baby is a uniquely designed tool to help couples conceive naturally in the comfort of their own home. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mosie Baby co-founder Maureen Brown to find out how she came up with this fantastic idea and how couples can use it to get pregnant. 


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My #1 Insemination tool pick!

The Mosie Baby insemination syringe is the modern day replacement for the ‘turkey baster’ method and it has shown fantastic success rates. 

In this video, Maureen will explain how to use the insemination tool and also share some discoveries she found about her own body during her journey to pregnancy.

The Mosie Baby kits are available online and are safe and simple to use at your own discretion at home.


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