How to transition from the pill to trying to get pregnant

How to transition from the pill to trying to get pregnant



I have gotten many online request from ladies who are currently taking the birth control pill but they want to start trying to get pregnant in the near future. This video is for all of them.

If you, like many others, are thinking about having a baby soon but you are afraid that might take you longer than you would like to because you have been on the pill for a long time, I am sorry to tell you, but you might be right.

On the other hand, if you have been on the pill for a while and you think you are going to get pregnant the first month not taking it… you might be a little disappointed as that is unlikely to happen.

For any of the cases, you should watch this short video to learn what to expect and how to transition from the pill to trying to get pregnant naturally.


The Fertility Balanced Wheel

The Fertility Balance Wheel is a fertility exercise is for anyone who is feeling blocked in their fertility journey, needs a new approach to fertility and is ready to do what it takes to empower their fertility naturally.

You’ll learn about the 12 areas affecting your fertility

You’ll understand what the areas in your life that need more support and focus right now

You’ll get your fertility score for more recommendations

You’ll be able to look at your body as a whole, don’t focus only in your reproductive system


H.O.P.E Coaching – Heal naturally to Overcome infertility & get Pregnant by Empowering your body

Who is this for: Any women trying to get pregnant for +6 months

It includes: 60 minutes coaching call with Dr Sklar, The Fertility Expert

During this 1 hour online fertility consultation with Dr Sklar, or his team of natural fertility experts, you’ll get all the fertility support you need,we’ll review your case, give you recommendations and create a next steps for a personalized plan to help you get pregnant

The H.O.P.E Coaching is a 60 minutes call where we’ll go over your fertility case and give you customized recommendations, that work for YOU. Me and my team of fertility experts are here to help you improve your fertility to get pregnant.

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