Top 3 Health Factors Every Woman NEEDS to Know (Especially if You Are TTC)

Top 3 Health Factors Every Woman NEEDS to Know (Especially if You Are TTC)




June was a very busy month for me. I was a guest expert speaker for different fertility and health summits.

It was so much fun! I love being part of a community of health experts. I believe summits can be a great way to learn from different health experts, at home, for free. So if you haven’t been part of any of the multiple summits available online, you are missing out.

Luckily, the girls from Done with Diets Summit sent me a recording of our interview. During my interview with Meg we discuss the 3 main factors every woman should know to improve their health, specially if they are trying to get pregnant.

Sounds interesting? Let’s go ahead and watch that interview!

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