How to Have the Best Natural Home Birth Experience

This Fertility TV is not about Fertility. It’s about the next step… pregnancy and natural birth. Watch my friend and expert Anne Margolis from Home Sweet Home Birth and I talk about your options and how to prepare for the most beautiful birthing experience you can possibly have

As Anne shares on her site “Whether you’re a first time or experienced momma, Regardless if you are planning a birth at home, a hospital, a birth center or need a cesarean section… You Really Can Have The Delivery Of Your Dreams”

A birthing experience more Precious Than A Wedding…A Birth Should Be A Celebration!

Now you can share this once in a lifetime experience and have a blissful birth, wherever you are. This is a unique approach on how to have a deeply positive, empowered, and joyful journey through pregnancy, birth, and becoming a mom postpartum. Whether you have visions of a cozy home water birth, giving birth in a birth center free of pain meds and intervention, or a hospital birth with the latest technology and emergency care access just in case, this is the ultimate pregnancy to postpartum training so you can be prepared from an emotional, physical, and spiritual perspective to relax into birth and momma-hood with excitement and ease.

  • This comprehensive training will help you find your center and feel balanced, strong, relaxed, and calm within yourself during this special rite of passage into momma-hood- in the midst of all the chaos of life along the way.
  • Tap into your inner calm to deeply relax yourself, letting go of busy, stressful and fearful thoughts for the health and well-being of you and your baby
  • Speak your truth from your heart in a way that deepens your relationships, sets clear boundaries, and has people listen to you and support you before, during and after pregnancy
  • Understand the sensations of your body to connect your intuition with how your body is communicating and leading you towards what to do during labor
  • Trust yourself, connect with your body wisdom, and communicate with baby in your belly
  • Connect with natural time to synchronize your mind with your body’s unique biological clock for greater ease from pregnancy to postpartum
  • Reprogram negative patterns, stories, and beliefs that undermine your confidence, strength and self trust so you can rock your birth
  • Some of my fertility patients asked me how to continue a health journey. Finding the guidance you need to giving birth is a beautiful next step after a happy pregnancy

More about Anne’s online program:

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For more than 15 years, fertility expert, Marc Sklar, has been helping couples struggling to conceive and have healthy babies. In addition to his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Marc trained at the Harvard Medical School, Mind/Body Medical Institute. He is the creator of and, and he’s the co-author of Secret to Conception. Marc lives in San Diego, with his wife and two sons. If you’re ready to start a family, Marc can help!


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