Thyroid and Fertility – with Andrea Beaman

Hey everyone! This week I am interviewing , the Thyroid expert! Keep reading and make sure you watch the video to learn if this can be the missing piece you were looking for your fertility! t – Let me know your thought on the comment area!  –  

Millions of people have thyroid problems: hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Hashimotos, graves, goiter, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. If you are trying to get pregnant, it’s time to STOP suffering and take your health and optimize your fertility. In this Fertility Tv, Andrea Beaman will personally share with you the steps she took to successfully heal her own debilitating thyroid disease, plus the steps she has used with thousands of clients and students, to help them heal, too.

Nourishing Thyroid Health:  This program is for individuals looking to improve the health of their thyroid, adrenal glands, and endocrine system as a whole.


The program is divided in 4 modules:

MODULE #1: The Basics of Thyroid Health & How to Get Started
This module gets you started discovering foods from every category and how they can heal or harm the Thyroid.

MODULE #2: Lifestyle and Environmental Factors That Affect Thyroid
Going to the gym and still not losing weight? There’s a reason for that. This module delves into the many lifestyle factors that can inhibit thyroid function. And, the best exercises to support your endocrine system and help you heal. Plus all of the elements in your environment that may be damaging your digestive terrain and your thyroid.

MODULE #3: The Adrenal Connection
This module elaborates on how important it is to understand how physical and emotional stress affect the health of your thyroid and endocrine system.

MODULE #4: The Emotional & Spiritual Connection to Healing Thyroid
Many folks focus on the food to heal the thyroid, but oftentimes they are not successful and don’t understand why. This module goes deeper and gets to the root causes of thyroid disease. Our emotions are deeply connected to our thyroid and endocrine system. We need to learn how to balance our physical, emotional and spiritual body to have a true healing.


The fertility expert: Can you tell anyone a little more about yourself and your passion on educating the public on thyroid disease?

: My passion came from having thyroid disease. When I was 28 years old I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and a goiter but I had all the symptoms of hypothyroid. I was 25 pounds heavier, my hair was falling out, my nails were splitting, depressed, freezing all the time, plus I had this large goiter sticking out. My doctor put me on medication but I did not wanted to be in meds for the rest of my life. Can I change my lifestyle and my diet? And he said that lifestyle and diet was not going to change anything… this was literally 20 years ago.
I said no to medication and radiation, and within 4 months I dropped 18 pounds, my goiter started getting smaller, my hair got stronger, I was sleeping through the night… and I was feeling good! I went back to the doctor and she said that the results were getting better but it was not enough. So I kept passing on the medication and doing was I was doing. Within 2 years my thyroid was completely normal. 20 years later, still no thyroid issues, never had to diet again… so that’s why I’m an advocate of thyroid health. I know we can literally change the physiognomy of our body by changing what we are putting in. There is so much more that we can do that taking medication and cutting out.

The fertility expert : That is such an inspirational story. Yo stand up for yourself and taking control of your health. Making changes and reversing your thyroid disease. I am sure lots of women would reach out to you to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to them.

Oh yea, I hear from women from all over the world. “You have Hashimotos” “you have this and that… let’s take your thyroid out” It is very dramatic. I hear from the women that have changed their diet and lifestyle, and other that took the medication or have the thyroid removed… and those never gotten to feel good! They did not solve the root cause of the problem. They just covered the symptoms

The fertility expert: I am sure that a lot of people do not really understand what the thyroid does and how it words. Can you explain us a little how it works?

: They thyroid regulates the metabolism, it is telling your cells it is time to move and to go, to hear up and cool down. It is a regulator and thermostat for the body. It regulates sleep and they cycle as a woman. If the thyroid is out of balance, menstrual cycles are going to be out of balance. It is an energy regulator.

The fertility expert: That is a nice synopsis. And I hear it all the time. “Oh they put me on medication and my labs are looking fine but I don’t feel good”
What other systems in the body does the thyroid affect?

: It affects the metabolism, slows or speed the processes down,… it is also regulating sugar. If your body needs more energy, it going to find glucose, so a lot of times, you can fall into a pre-diabetes condition in association with a thyroid problem. Let’s talk about sex drive for example. The thyroid regulates your ability to get up and go… if you don’t have the ability, who is going to want to have sex? It is also connected to our adrenals. If we wear out our adrenals with the thousand things at once we need to do, we are exhausting the reserves. When the body is slowing down, is doing it for a reason. Either the body is not getting the nutrition, rest or rejuvenation that it needs, … or it is overworking. The thyroid is a wonderful indicator that something is out of balance.

The fertility expert: One thing that I find, clinically as well is that is not always the thyroid affecting other systems, those other systems are also affecting the thyroid.
What are the most common thyroid diseases?

: Probably the most common thyroid disease right now is Hashimotos disease. It is an autoimmune condition. It generally leaves to hypothyroid. Grave’s leads to hyperthyroid. Those are both autoimmune conditions. What is happening is that you are not processing iodine properly. To heal an autoimmune condition, you need to focus on the digestive system, not the thyroid itself.
Hypothyroid means that your body is not producing enough thyroid hormone. So the body slows down.
And then you have hyperthyroid. When the thyroid is overworking and over producing thyroid hormone. The person is going a thousand miles an hour…

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