5 Tips to Prepare for IVF


Hey everyone! This week’s blog post is for you if you are getting ready for an IVF transfer!  Keep  reading because I am going to give you my 5 tips to prepare for IVF! – Let me know your thought on the comment area!  – Marc 

Foods to Avoid:

Avoid or greatly reduce dairy and sugar. They contribute to inflammation

Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated after the retrieval and stimulation is important because it allows the body to heal and helps to reduce swelling.
But don’t drink Gatorade and similar sugary drinks. My favorite hydrating fluids are ULTIMA and Liquid Trace Minerals to add to your water. Stay Hydrated with Electrolytes

Body Tips:

Warm the Abdomen BEFORE Your Transfer and keep your feet warm AFTER. This will increase circulation and relax cramping and spasms. Just use a simple hot pack. But remember *Do not use the hotpack after the transfer*!!!!

Exercise After IVF

Exercise should only be easy walking at this time.


Probably the most important is Laughter, Happiness and Joy!
Laughing and smiling releases hormones that help relax your body. It doesn’t hurt that this will also improve digestion, lower blood pressure and maintain proper blood circulation. Get ready by renting good movies and books that you find funny.

You may not want to be around many people during this time but if you are up for it I do recommend some quality time with friends and family. Let them be a support for you.

I don’t know about you but I always find a good card or board game to be tons of fun. Pull out a classic like rumicube or monopoly and start playing. It’s easy to get lost in this and forget about everything else. It is very important to keep positive after your IVF. (well… always, but after your IVF even more!)

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