Why you should drink bone broth everyday to get pregnant!

I’ve no doubt you have heard about the benefits of adding bone broths to your diet. Over the past few years, thanks to the paleo diet revolution, the health benefits of bone broths have become widely known. Here I talk about drinking bone broth to get your pregnant!

Health Benefits of bone broth

Creating soups from bones is an ancient practice and can be traced all the way back to our paleolithic ancestors who, once they discovered fire, would boil bones and carcasses to get even more out of the meal. Unbeknown to them they were actually creating a nutritionally dense soup which the power to restore the vitality of the gut and strengthen joints and improve skin elasticity.


The collagen in the broth will plump up your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and protecting against the signs of aging.


The collagen also helps to rebuild the cartilage between the joints, allowing them to move freely and decreasing pain associated with inflammation.


The digestive tract, especially the intestines, benefit the most from the consumption of broth as the collagen helps restore the vitality of the villi. In conditions such as IBS and Celiac disease, the villi become damaged and flattened. The collagen helps to strengthen and rebuild the damaged villi allowing for the better absorption of nutrients.

How is bone broth made?

Bone broths are generally made from the bones of chicken, beef or fish and are boiled in water for a minimum for 12 hours. During this time the cartilage and collagen breakdown and amino acids and minerals from the bones are released into the stock. This results in a highly nutritious soup full of protein and gut healing nutrients.

How to eat bone broth

The eating part of bone broth is the simple part! You can eat it as a soup straight out of the pot or use it in place of stocks and water when cooking. You can eat it as often as you like, but my recommendation is to eat it at least once per day.

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Where I get my Bone Broth

kettle and fire bone broths


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