Should you do a fresh or frozen IVF cycle?

I get this question a lot- which type of cycle is thought to have a better success rate? Fresh or Frozen. Well, I am finding myself recommending frozen more and more- here’s why.

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Traditionally fresh IVF was the most popular though the success rates weren’t always that great and multiple births were quite common. Freezing technology was clunky and upon thawing many embryos were damaged and unviable.

New technology means better success

Over the past 10 years freezing and thawing technology has evolved significantly. Eggs undergo rapid freezing (vitrification) which assists in maintaining egg quality and integrity and thawing only take a few minutes and can produce a success rate of up to 98% with a much lower loss of embryos.

A frozen cycle is healthier

In my opinion, the frozen option is healthier and safer as the uterus is allowed to rest sufficiently between the retrieval and implantation, rather than having this all take place within a matter of days, which is generally the case with a fresh cycle. A relaxed uterus (and Mom-to-be) is the best environment for success.


It is impossible to really know how the body will react to an IVF cycle, whether you choose frozen or fresh embryos, all we can do is create the optimum environment for pregnancy to occur. If you have the option to do frozen after speaking with your doctor then it’s my recommendation to choose frozen. 

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